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Washington State University
Faculty Senate Committees

Senate Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs

Senate Steering Committee

Senate Steering Committee is composed of the chairs and co-chairs of the senate committees, along with the  senate Executive Committee (Chair, Chair-Elect, Immediate Past Chair, and Executive Secretary).  Senate committee and subcommittee chairs are listed below.

Academic Affairs Committee

Elsa Silva Lopez, Chair

Admissions Subcommittee

Robin Bond, Chair

Budget Committee

Li Xu

Catalog Subcommittee

Jacob Murray Co-Chair

Committee on Committees

Christine Horne, Chair

Distinguished Faculty Address Committee


Faculty Affairs Committee

Judi McDonald, Chair

Graduate Studies Committee

Erica Nicol, Co-Chair

Gary Wayman, Co-Chair

Library Committee

Michael Hanly, Chair

Professional Health Sciences Committee

John Mattoon, Chair

Research and Arts Committee

Tammy Barry, Co-Chair

Jeb Owens, Co-Chair