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Washington State University
Washington State University Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Committee

Time Commitment

The Academic Affairs Committee meets 12 times during the academic year – every other Tuesday from 3:00-5:00 pm.

Members are expected to review documents before the meeting (about 1 hour)

Some committee members volunteer to liaison to other committees. They attend these other committee meetings and provide a report to AAC. These other meetings are Admissions, Budget, Catalogue, University Academic Advising Executive Council, Advising Consultants Group, Faculty Senate Steering (AAC chair).


  • On a continuous basis, reviews and appraises educational policies and programs of Washington State University, except those applying exclusively to graduate education or the professional health sciences.
  • Makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate concerning academic policies and procedures for undergraduate admission requirements, undergraduate courses and curricula, new bachelor degree programs, minimum University requirements for graduation, scholastic standards, calendar, catalog, examinations, summer session, and educational innovation. Also considers similar policies and procedures for all non-health-related professional degree programs.
  • Receives, reviews, and acts upon policy recommendations of its permanent subcommittees.

Composition and tenure

  • Eleven faculty, at least six of whom are actively involved in teaching courses, selected with representation from the various areas of the University in mind, and with at least three geographical regions represented. Normally, eligibility for membership shall be limited to those who have been members of the WSU faculty for at least four years. (F)
  • One graduate and two undergraduate students, with one-year terms (renewable). (G-U)
  • Faculty representatives from the Advising Consultant Group and First Year Programs. (X)
  • One dean, elected by the Council of Deans; registrar, serving as secretary; director, Admissions, Director, Academic Success and Career Center, or designee; vice provost for undergraduate education, or designee; all chancellors or their designees. (#)(X)

Additional notes

  • The vice-chair is elected by the committee and becomes the chair. The chair may serve two consecutive terms.
  • Permanent Subcommittees: University Academic Advising Council, Admissions, and Catalog.
  • Whenever possible, at least one non-ex officio member of the Academic Affairs Committee shall serve on each of the permanent subcommittees.
  • Has representation on the Budget and Steering Committees.
  • Responsible to: Faculty Senate.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate and the president, through the provost and executive vice president.