Senate Roster

College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) Economic SciencesBidisha MandalAssociate Professor20172023
b) Crop and Soil SciencesMichael Neff Professor20172023
c) Entomology and Food SciencesAllen FelsotProfessor20202023
d) Biological Systems EngineeringTroy PetersProfessor20212024
e) Horticulture and Plant Pathology Kiwamu Tanaka Associate Professor20212024
f) Apparel, Merchandising, Design & Textiles and Human Development
Brittany Cooper
*Brenda Boyd
Associate Professor
* Associate Professor
g) Extension Community & Economic Development
Extension, Youth & Families
Mark HeitstumanCounty Director20202023
h) Extension, Ag & Natural ResourcesAnand JayakaranProfessor20222025
i) Animal SciencesZhihua JiangProfessor20212024
j) Career TrackLiang YuAssistant Professor20212024
k) Career TrackMark GibsonProfessor20212024
l) Career TrackChris PageAssistant Professor20202023

Carson College of Business

SubconstituencyNameFaculty Rank Start Term End Term
a) At LargeDogan Gursoy Professor20222025
b) At LargeXinghua GaoProfessor 20202023
c) Career TrackJefferson GriffeathAssistant Professor20192025
d) Career TrackJoe CompeauAssociate Professor20182024

Murrow College of Communication

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeYen-I LeeAssistant Professor20202023
b) At LargeAmanda BoydAssistant Professor20182024
c) Career TrackTracy Simmons Scholarly Assistant Professor 20222025
d) Career TrackChelsea NewmanAssistant Professor20212024

College of Education

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) Educational Leadership and Counseling PsychologyAnne CoxProfessor20222025
b) Teaching and Learning Michael DunnAssociate Professor20202023
c) Non-Tenure TrackPhilip Morgan Associate Professor 20212024
d) Non-Tenure TrackKaty PietzAssistant Professor20212024

Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) School of Design & Construction Julia Day Assistant Professor 20192025
b) Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceJohn SchneiderAssociate Professor 20222025
c) Mechanical and Materials Engineering Jin LiuAssociate Professor20202023
d) Civil and Environmental EngineeringVon WaldenProfessor20182024
e) Chemical Engineering and Bio-engineeringJean Sabin McEwenAssociate Professor20222025
f) VCEA At Large Haluk Beyenal Professor 2022 2025
g) Career TrackAndy O'FallonAssociate Professor20172023
h) Career TrackJason Peschel Scholarly Associate Processor 20222025

College of Nursing

SubconstituencyName Faculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) Tenure Track At LargeTracy Klein Associate Professor 20222023
b) Tenure Track At LargeNatsuko Wood Assistant Professor 20222025
c) Career TrackMarianna Neeway Clinical Assistant Professor20222025
d) Career TrackDeborah EtiAssistant Professor 20212024

Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) Tenure Track At LargeMichael McDonellProfessor20212024
b) Tenure Track At LargeLonika SoodAssistant Professor20182024
c) Career TrackTed ChauvinAssistant Professor20172023
d) Career TrackSaima AhmadAssistant Professor20202023


SubconstituencyNameRank Start TermEnd Term
a) Tenure Track At LargeCarol FisherLibrary II 20222025
b) Tenure Track At LargeReed David Library II 20212024

College of Pharmacy

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) Tenure Track At LargeMary PaineProfessor20212024
b) Tenure Track At LargeJiyue ZhuProfessor20192025
c) Career TrackJennifer MillerAssistant Professor20222025
d) Career TrackDarrell JacksonAssociate Professor20212024

College of Arts and Sciences - Life and Physical Sciences

SubcostituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeEric RoalsonProfessor20192025
b) At LargeJudi McDonald Professor20222025
c) At LargeMatthew DuezAssociate Professor20202023
d) At LargeCharles Moore Professor & Chair 20212024
e) At LargeXueying "Snow" WangAssistant Professor20202023

College of Arts and Sciences - Humanities and Arts

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeTroy Bennefield Associate Professor20212024
b) At LargeVilma Navarro-DanielsProfessor20172023
c) At LargeNishant ShahaniAssociate Professor20202023
d) At LargeAaron Oforlea Associate Professor20182024
e) At Large-alternateVacant ------

College of Arts and Sciences - Social Sciences

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeLisa Fournier Professor 20222025
b) At LargeJacob Lewis Assistant Professor 20222025
c) At LargeLuke PremoAssociate Professor2019 2025
d. At LargeVacant ------

College of Arts and Sciences - Career Track

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeJulie Menard Assistant Professor20222025
b) At LargeRachel SanchezInstructor2017 (2018)2023
c) At LargeJoshua Bonzo Associate Professor 20222025
d) At LargePaul Buckley Associate Professor20212024
e) At LargeKen Faunce20202023

College of Veterinary Medicine

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) IPNHeiko JansenProfessor20192025
b) VCSBill DernellProfessor20202023
c) SMBAlan GoodmanAssociate Professor20202023
d) IPNBert Tanner Associate Professor 2021 2024
e) Career TrackKelly FarnsworthAssociate Professor20182024
f) Career TrackGary HaldorsonAssociate Professor20212024

Honors College

SubconstituencyName Faculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) Career TrackJoanna Schultz Associate Professor20222025
b) Career TrackAnnie LampmanAssociate Professor20202023

Regional Campus Senators

CampusNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
WSU Spokane
(Tenure Track)
Glen DuncanProfessor20202023
WSU Spokane
(Tenure Track)
Jason GerstnerAssistant Professor20202023
WSU Spokane
(Career Track)
Ayesha Ahmed Assistant Professor 20222025
WSU Spokane
(Career Track)
Amy Meredith Professor 20222025
WSU Tri-Cities (Tenure Track)Yonas DemissieAssociate Professor20212024
WSU Tri-Cities (Tenure Track)Paul SkiltonAssociate Professor20202023
WSU Tri-Cities (Career Track)Nelmi Devarie-Baez Associate Professor20222024
WSU Tri-Cities (Career Track)Luis DeLaTorreAssistant Professor 20222023
WSU Vancouver (Tenure Track) Alex Dimitrov Associate Professor 20192025
WSU Vancouver (Tenure Track) Renee MagnanAssistant Professor20182024
WSU Vancouver (Career Track) John BarberAssociate Professor20182024
WSU Everett
(Tenure Track)
Soobin Seo Associate Professor20202023
WSU Everett
(Career Track)
Xiaopeng BiAssociate Professor20202023

Ex-Officio Members, Non-Voting

PresidentKirk Schulz
WSU Pullman Chancellor, Provost & Executive Vice PresidentElizabeth Chilton
Executive Secretary of the Faculty SenateMatt Hudelson
WSU Faculty Representative to the State Legislature Stephen Bollens
Vice President, Finance & AdministrationVacant
Vice President, Information Services & CIOSasi Pillay
Vice President, Research Christopher Keane
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, PullmanEllen Taylor
Vice Provost for Academic Engagement & Student AchievementBill Davis
Senior Vice Provost, Faculty AffairsLaura Hill
Vice President, Academic Outreach & InnovationDave Cillay
Vice Provost, Undergraduate EducationMary Wack

Officers of Student Organizations

Associated Students of Washington State University-PresidentJacob Martinez
Associated Students of Washington State University-Vice PresidentKiana Parsi
Graduate and Professional Student Association-PresidentSamantha Edgerton
Graduate and Professional Student Association-Vice PresidentMarwa Aly