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Faculty Senate Senate Roster

College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) Economic SciencesBidisha MandalAssociate Professor20172020
b) Crop and Soil SciencesMichael Neff Professor20172020
c) Entomology and Food SciencesJames HarbertsonAssociate Professor20172020
d) Biological Systems EngineeringMatt CarrollProfessor20182021
e) Horticulture Doreen Main Associate Professor20182021
f) Apparel, Merchandising, Design & TextilesMichael ClevelandAssociate Professor20172020
g) Extension Community & Economic Development
Extension, Youth & Families
Brian BrandtAssociate Professor20172020
h) Extension, Ag & Natural ResourcesTimothy WatersAssociate Professor20162019
i) Animal SciencesMike KahnProfessor20182021
j) Non-Tenure TrackJose Garcia-PabonAssociate Professor20162019
k) Non-Tenure TrackCaitlin BletscherAssistant Professor20182021
l) Non-Tenure TrackSeason Hoard Assistant Professor20182021
m) Non-Tenure TrackDenise YostAssistant Professor20182021

Carson College of Business

SubconstituencyNameFaculty Rank Start Term End Term
a) At LargeRobert CrosslerAssistant Professor20172020
b) At LargeStergios FotopoulosProfessor20162019
c) Non-Tenure TrackKal JoshiAssociate Professor20182020
d) Non-Tenure TrackJoe CompeauAssociate Professor20182021

Murrow College of Communication

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeAmanda Boyd (for Porismita Borah)Associate Professor20132019
b) At LargeAmanda BoydAssistant Professor20142020
c) Non-Tenure TrackLisa Waananen JonesAssistant Professor20162019
d) Non-Tenure TrackElizabeth CandelloAssistant Professor20182021

College of Education

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) Educational Leadership and Counseling PsychologyBrian French Professor20162019
b) Teaching and Learning Kelly PuzioAssociate Professor20172020
c) Non-Tenure TrackChristopher LebensAssistant Professor20182021
d) Non-Tenure TrackShameem RakhaAssistant Professor20182021

Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) School of Design & Construction TBD
b) Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceAli Mehrizi-SaniAssociate Professor20182021
c) Mechanical and Materials Engineering Sinisa MesarovicProfessor20172020
d) Civil and Environmental EngineeringVon WaldenProfessor20182019
e) Chemical Engineering and BioengineeringWenji Dong Associate Professor20162019
f) VCEA At Large Tom FischerProfessor20162019
g) Non-Tenure TrackAndy O'FallonAssociate Professor20172020
h) Non-Tenure TrackTBD

College of Nursing

SubconstituencyName Faculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeJoAnn DotsonAssistant Professor20172020
b) At LargeJanet PurathAssociate Professor20162019
c) Non-Tenure TrackNaomi LungstromAssistant Professor20152021
d) Non-Tenure TrackCory RisseInstructor20182021

Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeGlen DuncanProfessor20172020
b) At LargeLonika SoodAssistant Professor20182021
c) Non-Tenure TrackTed ChauvinAssistant Professor20172020
d) Non-Tenure TrackPatricia GrossmanAssistant Professor20182021


SubconstituencyNameStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeSuzanne Fricke20162019
b) At LargeDebra Spidal20152021

College of Pharmacy

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeSalah-uddin AhmedAssociate Professor20182021
b) At LargeKay MeierProfessor20162019
c) Non-Tenure TrackJulie AkersAssistant Professor20162019
d) Non-Tenure TrackNicholas Giruzzi Assistant Professor20182021

College of Arts and Sciences - Life and Physical Sciences

SubcostituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeMarc EvansProfessor20162019
b) At LargeChulhee KangProfessor20162019
c) At LargeKathy BeermanAssociate Professor20142020
d) At LargeMatthew HudelsonAssociate Professor20172020

College of Arts and Sciences - Humanities and Arts

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargePamela Thoma Associate20152021
b) At LargeVilma Navarro-DanielsAssociate Professor20172020
c) At LargeDonna Potts Professor20142020
d) At LargeAaron Oforlea Associate Professor20182021
e) At Large-alternateRobert McCoy Associate20152021

College of Arts and Sciences - Social Sciences

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeTammy BarryProfessor20162019
b) At LargeRobert QuinlanProfessor20162019
c) At LargeBrendan WalkerAssociate Professor20172020

College of Arts and Sciences - Non-Tenure Track

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) At LargeShila BaksiAssistant Professor20142020
b) At LargeRachel SanchezInstructor2017 (2018)2020
c) At LargeKimber SavilleInstructor2016 (2018)2019
d) At LargeR. Charles WellerAssistant Professor20182021

College of Veterinary Medicine

SubconstituencyNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
a) IPNMike VarnumAssociate Professor20162019
c) VMPDavid Prieur Professor20142020
d) SMBMichael GriswoldProfessor20142020
e) Non-Tenure TrackKelly FarnsworthAssociate Professor20182021
f) Non-Tenure TrackTIna OwenAssociate 20182021

Regional Campus Senators

CampusNameFaculty RankStart TermEnd Term
WSU SpokaneNaomi ChaytorAssociate Professor20162019
WSU Tri-Cities (Tenure Track)Bin YangAssociate Professor20182021
WSU Tri-Cities (Non-Tenure Track)Robin Ebert MaysInstructor20182021
WSU Vancouver (Tenure Track) Susan FinleyProfessor20162019
WSU Vancouver (Tenure Track) Renee MagnanAssistant Professor20182020
WSU Vancouver (Non-Tenure Track) John BarberAssociate Professor20182021

Ex-Officio Members, Non-Voting

PresidentKirk Schulz
Provost & Executive Vice PresidentDaniel Bernardo
Executive Secretary of the Faculty Senate Amy Nielsen
Vice President, Finance & AdministrationStacy Pearson
Vice President, Information Services & CIOSasi Pillay
Vice President, Research Christopher Keane
Vice President, Student AffairsMary Jo Gonzales
Vice Provost, Academic AffairsErica Austin
Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
Vice President, Academic Outreach & InnovationDave Cillay
Vice Provost, Undergraduate EducationMary Wack

Officers of Student Organizations

Associated Students of Washington State University-PresidentSavannah Rogers
Associated Students of Washington State University-Vice PresidentTyler Parcham
Graduate and Professional Student Association-PresidentShane Reynolds
Graduate and Professional Student Association-Vice PresidentAmir Gilmore
Washington State University