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"Annual Review for work done in 2016 will follow the process listed in the 2015-2016 Faculty Manual"   

Faculty Manual for 2015-16 page on Annual Reviews


Annual Review for work done in 2017, for both Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track Faculty, will be conducted according to the revised process approved by the Faculty Senate and the Board of Regents

NTT 2015-16 Survey Results

ASWSU Course Material Cost Reduction Initiative    


INTO Presentation by the Office of the Provost and International Programs



Tracking Resources!

MOU between the Provost and Faculty Senate

Departments and Colleges  - Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)   For the Creation, Movement, Renaming or Elimination process Process/Forms

Degree Programs - Degree Approval Process (from the Provost Website) for  the Creation, Consolidation, New Location, Renaming or Eliminatin of Degree Programs

Catalog Sub-Committee Tracking Notes
Track courses and curriculm change requests submitted to Catalog Sub-Committee.

Tracking Table for CILS (Centers, Institutes, Labs)

2015-16 CIL Tracking Table

Tracking Table for Degrees (current year)
Track Proposed changes on New, Extending or Moving Degrees. 

Tracking Table for 2015-16

Provost Phase on Proposals

Registar Curriculum Information

Graduate Studies Committee website

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The mission of the Faculty Senate is to exercise the legislative powers delegated
to it, and to make recommendations to the president and appropriate administrative officials of the University and through the President to the Board of Regents on matters affecting the general welfare of Washington State University and its educational, research, and service activities.

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