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Faculty Senate Faculty Manual Project

Faculty Manual Project

The Faculty Affairs Committee is currently requesting input on three issues

Please consider taking 5-10 minutes to use the Qualtrics survey link below to provide your input and perspective on any or all of these 3 issues.
Go to the survey for more information on each issue.

  • Faculty Working Titles: Should the Faculty Manual be altered to more clearly define/delimit the working titles that colleges may use to communicate faculty appointments?
  • Lecturer (short term faculty): Should the Faculty Manual be altered to more clearly define the lecturer appointment?
  • Post-docs: Should post-docs remain their current designation as (short term) WSU faculty?

Qualtrics Survey Link

Reorganizational Changes (no policy changes included in this section)

Policy Changes

  • Faculty Manual in Section IV I: Use of Faculty Authored, Edited Or Prepared Scholarly Material
    • Due to a 2018 ruling by the Washington State Executive Ethics Board, the Faculty Affairs Committee reviewed new language for Section IV I of the Faculty Manual – Faculty Authored, Edits, or Prepared Scholarly Materials.  This section of the manual specifically covers materials created and required by faculty members in the instruction of their WSU course.  Because of potential personal liability for faculty members, we are advancing this draft language as well as the link to the Grays Harbor case below. Senate to vote October 3, 2019.
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