Responses to Constituent Concerns

Global Hiring of Faculty

Concern Hi all, All hiring of faculty should be done by the subject matter department and within disciplines. Faculty in departments know the requirements and the qualifications necessary to teach in their discipline in a way that Global campus does not and cannot. Should any monies be allocated for hiring to bolster teaching in Global, […]

Global Campus Hiring Faculty?

Concern I understand Global Campus may soon be allowed to hire the faculty to teach online classes. Why would departments allow those without expertise in the subject area to hire faculty to teach classes? This is taking away control of the subject matter from departments. Anonymous Constituent Response Thanks for your question. I was able […]

HB 1051 question

Concern I know that the Washington State House has passed Bill 1051, which adds a faculty member to the Board of Regents. I have not, however, seen this among Senate discussion items. How will WSU decide on the designated faculty member? Will people of color have a voice in this determination? Thanks. John Streamas SLCR, […]

Parking Inflation

In a moment where inflation is at a 40-year high and salaries remain both consistently low and stagnant (in the midst of inflation, the lack of even of a cost of living adjustments constitutes a pay cut) for faculty and staff, the possibility of a parking hike is both outrageous and predicable given the leadership […]

Costs to Move The President Downtown

What are the costs of moving the president and the Office of the President to Downtown Pullman? What are the costs of moving the chancellor/provost into the president’s former office suit? What are the benefits, beyond symbolic? Like concerns about the creation of more administrative positions, one has to question if this is a priority […]

Vice-chancellor Position & Administrative Expenses Concern

One of the constituents in my college has concerns about the new vice-chancellor position. “In light of WSU’s higher than average expenditures on administration versus instruction compared its peers. I think the senate should consider if this new vice-chancellor position is actually needed, and should open a dialogue with the Pullman Chancellor concerning this issue.” […]

Constituent Concern Re: Land Grant Revenue

How does WSU spend ‘Grant Lands’ revenue? During the December 9, 2021 Faculty Senate meeting with Provost Chilton and VP Pearson regarding the WSU budget plan, I asked for information regarding the annual revenue produced by tribal lands granted to WSU in 1890. Provost Chilton helpfully suggested that I provide my questions in writing so […]

Concern for In-person Classes during the Omicron Outbreak

I have had numerous constituents concerns from the Vancouver campus. To summarize: As the Omicron variant develops and we know more about it, it looks like the original message from December is already dated ( In particular, regular 2-dose vaccination is not as effective in combating Omicron, and the new strain is MUCH more transmissible. […]

Problems with curricular “compromise,” and a request for change.

The many problems with the curricular “compromise” that pits diversity courses against EQJS. Students should be required to take EQJS and Diversity courses. Make real change. I oppose the change to the university diversity requirement as currently configured. As someone who played a role in drafting of the original proposal, this purported compromise renders the […]

Inability to give ‘soft money’ technicians a pay raise

One of my faculty constituents wants to give a field technician a raise. This technician is essential to the program, has a Ph.D. and is supported by grant funds (soft money). This particular program has a history of losing field technicians due to non-competitive salaries. The faculty member would like to know why WSU wants […]

Written policy on non vaccine compliance

I understand that Oct 4th is the last day for faculty, staff, and students to finish their vaccine regimen. To continue operations with potential employee loss after Oct 18, unit leadership needs written policies that include 1) Classified Staff. Since these staff members are under a collective bargaining agreement, will this be different than AP […]

Updates on COVID precautions

I appreciate the prior responses from administration. However, I and many of my colleagues and students are wondering where are the updates on WSU COVID vax rates and response rates as the deadline for reporting status for faculty, staff and students has passed? The last update seems to have been late Aug, and I have […]

Constituent Concern: Communication from Central Administration

Faculty and staff receive numerous email communications from the central administration regarding COVID-19 policies, return to work policies, memoranda regarding instruction, and the like. Unfortunately, I have found many of these communications to be poorly written and/or organized, both in terms of the email text and associated attachments, and many contain links that are either […]

Constituent Concern: COVID 19 Budget Issues and Priorities

Today VP of Finance and Admin, Stacy Pearson, circulated a letter concerning budget stress due to COVID 19 and subsequent budget priorities. It seems unbelievable that during this crisis WSU administration elected to shift $2,000,000 from student revenue to support the football program. Then our new football coach, the highest paid state employee at about […]

More Questions & Clarifications on Information Provided

1) About the welcoming week events: a. Why did the university sponsor and seek outside sponsorship (BECU) for unmasked and densely populated events to take place before classes started? (CougsGlow dance party = b. What safety measures were in place? c. Were vaccinations required at the door to get into these events? (As a […]

Please sign this petition for a safer teaching and learning environment at WSU

The COVID-19 delta variant poses an increasing challenge to WSU students, staff, and faculty. It is also putting our families at risk–our unvaccinated children and immune-compromised family members. It is endangering the larger surrounding community, where the vaccination rate is only 44%. This petition demands for more shared leadership and transparency informing COVID-19 policy, alternative […]

Pullman-centric COVID-19 update

Dear Colleagues – Here are some mostly Pullman-centric factoids about COVID-19 as of 24 Aug 2021. The Whitman County case count (293/100,000) is lower than the state level (437.5/100,000). The vaccination rate in Pullman is much higher (59%) than other areas (36-39%). Local hospital representatives report an increase in case load, but we are doing […]