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Washington State University
Faculty Senate Committee on Committees

Committee on Committees


  • Submits nominations to the Senate for membership on all Senate standing committees and subcommittees, except for ex officio members and those special seats on subcommittees reserved for members of parent committees, and to the president, and provost for faculty membership on their respective committees.
  • Accepts Associated Students of Washington State University and Graduate and Professional Student Association appointments of student membership to Senate committees and refers them to the appropriate committees.
  • Accepts requests from campus faculty governance units for seats on specified committees to be appointed by the campus faculty governance unit.
  • Conducts a continuing evaluation of the Senate committee system and makes recommendations for improvements to the Steering Committee.

Composition and tenure

  • Nine faculty, six of whom are faculty who are actively involved in teaching courses granting University credit, with at least three geographical regions represented. Faculty are appointed with three-year terms. Normally, at least one committee member shall be a member of the Senate. (F)
  • Chair of the Council of Faculty Representatives, Vancouver Campus. (X)
  • Chair of the Resident Faculty Organization, Tri-Cities. (X)
  • Chair-elect of the Faculty Senate, who serves as chair of the committee. (X)

Additional notes

  • Responsible to: Faculty Senate.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate and the president.