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Washington State University
Washington State University Steering Committee

Steering Committee


  • Deals with matters relating to agenda, referral, voting, and elections.
  • Acts as an emergency advisory council to the President.
  • May serve as Summer Executive Committee to carry out functions delegated to it by the Senate.

Composition and tenure

  • The Executive Committee including the chair, chair-elect, past chair and executive secretary of the Faculty Senate shall, ipso facto, be members and officers of the Steering Committee. (X)
  • One senator from each of the campuses specifically allotted one or more senators and the chairs of the following committees: Academic Affairs, Budget, Faculty Affairs, Graduate Studies, Professional Health Sciences, and Research and Arts. Note that when there are multiple senators representing a campus, or co-chairs of a committee, they are all welcome to attend the Steering Committee meetings, but each campus or committee shall only have one vote. (X)
  • The Faculty Senate Legislative Representative. (X)

Additional notes

  • Responsible to: Faculty Senate.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate.
  • Principal Assistant, Anna Schilter serves as administrative support to the Faculty Senate Steering Committee.