Professional Health Sciences Committee

Composition & Tenure

  • Six faculty, one from each of the of the colleges focused on medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine, and two faculty involved in teaching not residing in the four colleges already represented. (F)
  • Two students enrolled in professional health science programs, with one-year terms (renewable). (P)
  • One dean from a health sciences college, elected by the Council of Deans; registrar, serving as secretary; director, Admissions; provost and executive vice president or designee; all chancellors or their designees. (#)(X)


  • On a continuous basis, reviews and appraises educational policies and programs of Washington State University relating to the professional health sciences.  The professional health sciences are comprised of those degrees, programs, plans, and courses which are not considered undergraduate or graduate and lead to the degrees of Medicine (MD), Pharmacy (PHARMD), and Veterinary Medicine (DVM), or professional certificates offered through the professional health science academic units.
  • Curricula in the professional health sciences are recorded on the student’s academic record under one of the separate professional health sciences transcripts titled Medicine, Pharmacy, or Veterinary Medicine.
  • Coordinates with the Graduate Studies Committee or the Academic Affairs Committee when reviewing curriculum for dual/combined degree programs (e.g., PharmD/PhD combined degree program).
  • Makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate concerning academic policies and procedures for health sciences professional degree programs.

Additional notes

  • The chair is elected by the Committee.
  • Whenever possible, at least one non-ex officio member of the Professional Health Sciences Committee shall serve on the Catalog Subcommittee.
  • Permanent Subcommittee: Catalog Subcommittee.
  • Has representation on the Steering Committee.
  • Responsible to: Faculty Senate.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate and the president, through the provost and executive vice president.
Name Rank Constituency Location Term Start Term End
Kathryn Meier (F)Professor Pharmaceutical Sciences, CoPPSSpokane 20232026
Jose Pares-AvilaClinical ProfessorCoNSpokane 20222024*
Carl Heine(F)Associate Dean Clinical Education, ESFCOMSpokane 20202026
Gary Haldorson (F)Associate ProfessorCVMPullman 20232026
Jeremy Lessman (F)Associate Professor Chemistry, CAS Pullman 20192025
Radha Nandagopal (F)Associate Professor Medical Ed. & Clinical Science, ESFCOMPullman 20212024
Student Representatives
Natasha BarrowProfessional Health Sciences Student Professional Health SciencesSpokane Professional Health Sciences Student Representative Professional Health Sciences Student Representative
Vacant Professional Health Sciences Student Professional Health Sciences--Professional Health Sciences Student Representative Professional Health Sciences Student Representative
Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members
Craig Parks Vice Provost Office of the Provost Representative Pullman Office of the Provost Representative Office of the Provost Representative
PendingHealth Science College Dean--------
Becky Bitter (#)(X) Registrar -- PHSC Secretary Office of the Registrar Pullman Office of the Registrar Representative Office of the Registrar Representative
Linda EddyProfessor Chancellor Delegate Vancouver Vancouver Representative Vancouver Representative
Elly Sweet Associate Professor Chancellor Delegate Tri-Cities Tri-Cities Representative Tri-Cities Representative
Naomi Chaytor Professor Chancellor Delegate Spokane Spokane Representative Spokane Representative
Bill Davis Vice Provost for Academic Engagement & Student Achievement Office of the ProvostPullman Office of the Provost Representative Office of the Provost Representative

Time Commitment

The Professional Health Sciences Committee requires several hours per month or less. It evaluates new courses or course revisions after they have been vetted by the Catalogue Subcommittee.