Budget Committee

Composition & Tenure

  • Seven faculty, with at least three geographical regions represented. (F)
  • One graduate and one undergraduate student, with one-year terms (renewable). (G-U)
  • One faculty member of the Academic Affairs Committee; one faculty member of the Faculty Affairs Committee; as chosen by those committees. (A)
  • Vice president for business affairs; provost and executive vice president or designee; and the director, Budget. (#) (X)


  • The Budget Committee evaluates the budgets of proposals and only for: the likelihood of projected outcomes, costs, and revenues. Within the proposals the following metrics are considered:
    • Quality of the data;
    • Indirect and intangible costs to other units across WSU;
    • Noticeable omissions in their budget logic.
    • Evaluating curriculum, etc., is the domain of subsequent committees and the Senate.
  • The Budget Committee evaluates the following:
    • Proposals for new degrees
    • Other proposals on an ad hoc basis when requested by the Faculty Senate or the Senate Steering Committee.

Additional notes

  • Chair elected by the Committee.
  • Has representation on the Steering Committee.
  • Whenever possible, at least one non-ex officio member of the Academic Affairs Committee shall serve on each of the permanent subcommittees.
  • Responsible to: Faculty Senate.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate and the president.
Name Rank Constituency Location Start Term End Term
Committee Chair, Li Xu (F) Associate Professor Accounting, CCBVancouver 20202026
Elizabeth Phenneger (F)Clinical Assistant Professor College of Nursing Spokane 20232026
Ting Chi (F) Professor AMDT, CAHNRS Pullman 20222027
Beth Blakesley (F)Associate Dean of Libraries Libraries Pullman 2022 2025
Weimin Li (F)Associate Professor Translational Medicine, ESFCOM Spokane 2022 2025
Chuck Moore (F)Professor Mathematics, CAS Pullman 20222025
Jonah Firestone (F)Associate Professor Science Education, CoETri-Cities 2023*2025
Student Representation
Marwa AlyGraduate Student VCEAPullman 20232024
Collin BannisterUndergraduate Student CAS Pullman 20232024
Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members
Thabiti Lewis Associate Professor English, CAS Vancouver AAC Representative AAC Representative
Aaron Oforlea Associate Professor English CASPullman AAC Representative AAC Representative
Vacant-- ----FAC Representative FAC Representative
Laura Hill Senior Vice Provost Academic Affairs Pullman Office of the Provost Representative Office of the Provost Representative
Kelley Westhoff Executive Director Budget, Planning, & AnalysisPullman Finance & Administration Representative Finance & Administration Representative

Time Commitment

The Budget Committee meets for two hours each month.

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*It may take up to 30 minutes before your vote shows on the page.