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Washington State University
Faculty Senate Syllabus Committee

Syllabus Committee


The Syllabus Committee serves as the primary gateway for syllabus related matters for Washington State University.  The committee will work to increase the clarity and functionality of our syllabus system.


  • Develops, reviews, and appraises syllabus guidelines and policies of Washington State University.
  • Makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate committees concerning syllabus guidelines and policies, including required and recommended elements.
  • Receives, reviews, and acts upon policy recommendations of the Faculty Senate’s permanent subcommittees, serving as the syllabus guideline implementation committee for Academic Affairs, Graduate Studies, and Professional Health.
  • Maintains a web-based resource for faculty that provides approved guidelines, templates, policies, and evidence-based best practices for syllabus creation and maintenance.

Composition and tenure

Individual members

  • Four faculty, all of whom are actively involved in teaching courses, selected with representation from the various areas of the University in mind, and with at least three geographic regions (and Global) represented.  Faculty will serve for two years and can renew for another two years.(F)
  • One undergraduate student with one-year terms (renewable). (U)

Representatives of particular committees or offices (one person may serve in multiple capacities)

  • Two representatives from Catalog Sub-committee
  • One representative from Academic Affairs Committee
  • One representative from Graduate Studies Committee
  • One representative from the Professional Health Committee
  • One representative from the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning
  • One representative from the University Common Requirements committee
  • One representative from Information Technology
  • One representative from Student Affairs; Vice Provost for Academic Engagement and Student Achievement, or designee (ex-officio)

Additional notes

  • The chair is elected by the committee and serves a two year term.  Chairs may have their position renewed for a second term.
  • The vice-chair is elected by the committee and becomes the chair if the previous chair resigns before their term is done.  Vice-chairs who rise to chair would finish out the term of the previous chair.  Vice-chairs serve two year terms.
  • Permanent Subcommittees: Required & Recommended Elements, Best Practices, New Elements, Student Messaging, Learning Outcomes and Assessment.
  • Whenever possible, at least one non-ex officio member of the Syllabus Committee shall serve on each of the permanent subcommittees.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate, through the Faculty Steering Committee, and to the university president, through the provost.
  • Annual Update: The committee will provide an annual update to Academic Affairs by May 15 of each academic year.
  • Support: The committee will receive administrative support provided by Faculty Senate Steering and webpage design and maintenance support provided by Information Technology.


For more details, including required/recommended syllabus elements and syllabus language, please click this link: