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Faculty Senate Research and Arts Committee

Research and Arts Committee


  • Advises the president, the provost, the executive vice president, and the vice president for research on research and creative activity directions, policies, and programs.
  • Considers policy matters pertaining to the growth and direction of research and creative activities.
  • Evaluates applications for University funds to support faculty and graduate student research and creative activity through the establishment of subcommittees for different disciplinary areas. Recommends allocations of funds to the vice president for research.
  • Recommends policies and practices for obtaining research funds and grants from outside agencies.
  • Reviews and recommends policies on administration of appropriated research funds and special grants.
  • Reviews and recommends policies on administration of designated research facilities.
  • Receives appropriate reports from the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board, the Institutional Bio-safety Committee and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Composition and tenure

  • Twelve faculty, at least one of whom shall be a senator (normally), with one from each of the degree-granting colleges, and three from the College of Arts and Sciences representing life and physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities and arts: (F)
  • Three graduate students, with one-year terms (renewable). (G)
  • Vice president of research and director of Office of Research Support and Operations. (#)(X)

Additional notes

  • Chair or co-chairs elected by the Committee.
  • Has representation on the Steering Committee.
  • Responsible to: Faculty Senate and the president.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate and the president, through the vice president for research.




Washington State University