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Washington State University
Washington State University Research and Arts Committee

Composition & Tenure

  • Twelve faculty, at least one of whom shall be a senator (normally), with one from each of the degree-granting colleges, and three from the College of Arts and Sciences representing life and physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities and arts: (F)
  • One graduate student with a one-year term (renewable). (G)
  • Vice president of research and director of Office of Research Support and Operations. (#)(X)


  • Advises the president, the provost, the executive vice president, and the vice president for research on research and creative activity directions, policies, and programs.
  • Evaluates select applications for University funds to support faculty and graduate student research and creative activity including the establishment of subcommittees for different disciplinary areas. Recommends allocations of funds to the vice president for research.
  • Reviews and recommends policies on administration of relevant appropriated research funds and special grants.
  • Reviews, recommends, and implements policies  with respect to establishing, reviewing, and renewing centers and institutes under the purview of the Faculty Senate.
  • Reviews applications for new centers and institutes and subsequent reports for established centers and institutes to make recommendations to the Faculty Senate.

Additional notes

  • Co-Chair or Chair elected by the Committee.
  • Has representation on the Steering Committee.
  • Responsible to: Faculty Senate and the president.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate and the president, through the vice president for research.

(S) Faculty on Sabbatical; (SS) Sabbatical substitute

Name Rank Constituency Location Term Start Term End
Committee Chair, Jeb Owen (F) Associate Professor Entomology, CAHNRS Pullman 2015*2023
Committee Chair, Pablo Monsivais (F) Associate Professor Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, ESFCOMSpokane 20202023
Yoon Joon Lee (F)Associate Professor Strategic Communication, MCCPullman 20222023
Alberto Sa Vinhas Associate Professor Marketing & International Business, CCBVancouver 20202023
Brian Clowers (F) (S)Associate Professor Physical Sciences, CASPullman 20212024
Ryan Learn (F) (SS)Assistant Professor School of the Environment, CAS Tri-Cities 20222023
Andrea Lazarus Professor Pharmacotherapy, CoPPS Spokane 20212024
James MacLean Associate Professor Cntr, for Reproductive Biology, CVMPullman 20212024
Erin Thornton (F)Associate Professor Anthropology, CAS Pullman 20222025
Thomas Jobson (F)Professor Civil & Environmental Engineering, VCEAPullman20222025
Peter Chilson (F)Professor English, CAS Pullman 2019 2025
Jonah Firestone (F) Assistant Professor Science Education, CoETri-Cities 20222025
Administrative Members
Steve James Assistant Professor Nursing, CoNSpokane 20222025
Karen Hecox Research Operations Coordinator Administrative Support Pullman Administrative Support Administrative Support
Chris Keane Vice President for Research Office of Research Support and Operations Pullman ORSO Representative ORSO Representative
Dan Nordquist Deputy Vice President for Research & Operations Office of Research Support and Operations Pullman ORSO Representative ORSO Representative
Derek Brown Manager Office of Research Support and Operations Pullman ORSO Representative ORSO Representative
Geoffrey Thatcher (G)Graduate Student MCCPullman 20222023
Sreya Mukherjee (G)Graduate Student CAS Pullman 20222023
Ashish Kondal (G)Graduate Student VCEAPullman 20222023