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Faculty Senate Responses to Constituent Concerns

Responses to Constituent Concerns

  • My concern is that we get wsu *ready* for a new provost to be successful.

    There has been talk about what we need to do to attract good candidates and also how to conduct the search. These are really important given our circumstances. Beyond that, I’d like us to be talking about what we need to do at WSU to be ready for the next person to be successful. What change in structures and relationships need to be revised so the Provost can engage in productive decision making? What constituencies inside and outside of the university need to be engaged with such that our next Provost can arrive and actually move us forward?

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  • Provost Search

    For the second time in a row, an external provost search has ended with the selected provost stepping down to become a regular WSU faculty member within the first weeks of assuming the office. In the first case, under President Floyd, the person was paid his full provost salary for seven years after stepping down, because that was what was stipulated in his contract when he assumed the provost’s office. The question now that this has happened a second time is: is the latest provost to step down, Prof. Montoya, also going to be paid her full provost salary for the next seven years, or … » More …

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  • Online courses killing face to face classes

    This semester, when I try to check course enrollments for the Pullman campuses, 75% of the time, I am immediately directed to global campus offerings. Though I understand that students deserve the option, the automatic re-direct is killing face to face classes. Please make changes so students can see all options when they click on “wsu course schedule.”

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  • Blackboard updates/design is detrimental to student grades and record keeping. The time faculty spend correcting BB is too long and too much.

    Blackboard’s gradebook has become almost non-workable. Fall 2018 changes altered the way the gradebook looked, and has made it more difficult to see the student grades and more difficult to view the student grades online (for the faculty). This is a problem if you have 20-odd students, I cannot imagine what this is like for a faculty member who has hundreds of students.
    This spring, I found an error in the gradebook (that I didn’t find when checking in Fall) that inflated a student’s grade by a half letter grade–not a real big deal, but it alerted me to be more aware of the … » More …

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