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Faculty Senate Responses to Constituent Concerns

Responses to Constituent Concerns

  • Concerns with Workday Personal Profile Section

    In the “Personal Profile” section of Workday, there is a required gender field containing problematic language that both others trans-binary individuals and ignores all other gender non-conforming identities. Since reviewing the Personal Profile is an explicit direction in the “First 30 Days” manual, the likelihood of multiple individuals being affected is high. At this time, I would like faculty senate to encourage adjusting the existing options as well as implementing a more inclusive option for gender non-conforming individuals.

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  • Free parking for students seeking services is no longer available at Cougar Health Services.

    Posted for Faculty Senate’s consideration on behalf of the Clinical Psychology Graduate Student Organization:

    To Whom it May Concern,

    This is an open letter in response to the recent decision by WSU Cougar Health Services administration to implement a parking fee for the parking lot in front of the Washington building.

    The building this lot is attached to is Cougar Health Services which houses the student medical center, the psychological services center, and the Access Center—where students go to receive disability services.

    For context, this parking lot has historically been free but required obtaining a parking token while receiving services in order to exit the … » More …

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  • Assigning designations to our 6 campuses

    On September 30, 2020, President Schulz included in an email to the university community the suggestion of using descriptors for the different campuses. I ask that this be reconsidered. Offering some campuses with a specific descriptor (e.g., HEALTH SCIENCES CAMPUS: SPOKANE; FLAGSHIP CAMPUS: PULLMAN) but not others (e.g., REGIONAL CAMPUSES: EVERETT, TRI CITIES, AND VANCOUVER) implies a tiered status, which could impede applicants and opportunities for Everett/Tri Cities/Vancouver as well as neglect the true diversity and unique qualities each campus brings to the system.

    I ask that the campus’ descriptor titles be discussed further to reflect the “one university/geographically dispersed” practice.

    From the President’s September … » More …

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  • Spring Break

    We understand the goal the WSU administration wants to accomplish by canceling spring break. And we understand they made this decision based on the concern of spreading COVID and bringing back more cases because we also share those concerns. But the logic is skewed, misguided, misinformed, and focusing on the wrong thing.

    Instead, WSU should be implementing repercussions for the people who choose to party or not wear masks despite WSU’s COVID policy. Other universities have implemented punishments for people they discover not following their policies. For example, NMSU mandates a day-long zoom class with an essay for first-time offenders. As far as I know, … » More …

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  • Cancellation of spring break

    This is an extreme decision made with zero input from students. This is a huge inequitable practice that will cause more harm than good for students. By letting this decision pass, you are putting your students last.

    Response:  This COVID-19 emergency measure was put forward from the Provost’s Office, discussed during the September 24 and October 8 Faculty Senate meetings and then passed by the Faculty Senate on October 8.

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  • Impact of the new spring schedule on faculty salaries

    Many of my constituents have contacted me with this concern: with the extended winter break now in the new Spring schedule, how will this affect the pay cycles for those faculty on 9-month appointment?

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  • Impact of resuming Pac-12 football in Pullman this Nov

    On September 24th, Pac-12 officials announced resumption of football games, including three scheduled for Martin Stadium (Nov. 14th, Nov. 27th, and Dec. 12th). Fans will not be allowed into the stadium, but WSU has a long history of enthusiastic “tail gating” as an alternative means of attending and supporting football. From a public health perspective, and in the interests of our community’s hopes of reopening K-12 public schools, is anything being done to discourage people from coming to Pullman for these games and participating in traditional tail-gating activities?

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  • Adjustment to Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

    I’m concerned with WSU making such changes to the academic calendar in regards to spring break without considering the actual functional purpose within the academic structure for faculty, students and staff. That said, this is not enough time for faculty to do field work or make changes to research plans. I would rather see us possibly make spring break later in the semester or have the semester end a week later as well as consider other remedies before taking action on this agenda item. My primary point, as always, is if there has been enough discussion on the matter or consideration of the long-term ramifications … » More …

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  • Proposed changes to S2021 academic calendar

    Dear Senators,
    I would like to voice my concerns on the proposed changes to the Spring 2021 academic calendar. I understand the reasoning behind the benefits for delayed start section, but I disagree that finals week can be counted as a week of instruction; 1) no class meetings other than the final exam time is scheduled during finals week so there is no class instruction that week; 2) many classes do not require a final exam so again no meetings that week. MWF classes historically lose 2 lecture days per semester and that will not change so now MWF classes will lose 5 lectures; … » More …

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  • Altered Spring Schedule

    I am writing in support of the proposed change to the Spring semester schedule. Such a change seems wise from a COVID-19 perspective. Additionally, from a faculty perspective, it would give an additional 2 weeks to prep Spring classes for online delivery. While we had all summer to work on fall classes, the winter break is much shorter. So, personally, I would welcome those extra 2 weeks!

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