It is difficult to read emails with the latest implementation of the ‘[EXTERNAL EMAIL] DO NOT CLICK’ before the body of emails. Please request IT survey faculty before implementing changes that affect the everyday lives of Faculty. For example, a faculty survey may have identified an alternative, more preferable, placement of such warnings. Furthermore, IT should present evidence that such changes will actually reduce the number of phishing impacts on WSU faculty. There was also insufficient transparency when WSU IT forced WSU faculty to use outlook and 2-factor authentication.

Where is the academic rigor, data or research behind these decisions? Faculty in other universities (e.g. UW) have more IT freedom (e.g. can choose email clients) and do not have read CAPITALIZED warnings at the start of each external email.

Anonymous Constituent


I discussed this concern with the ITS team and there are important reasons why this “feature” had to be added to our email. Fortunately, it looks like ITS will be able to shorten the message to only [EXTERNAL EMAIL] so more there is more room for the body of the message. This enhancement will be rolled out soon (guessing early August). Sincerely, Douglas Call