I appreciate the prior responses from administration. However, I and many of my colleagues and students are wondering where are the updates on WSU COVID vax rates and response rates as the deadline for reporting status for faculty, staff and students has passed? The last update seems to have been late Aug, and I have noticed the Whitman county COVID infection rates are rising precipitously, with overall vax rates for the county not really changed. Where does WSU stand?

Also, the UW has really prepared well for the quarter. They have a UW COVID dashboard, ongoing testing through the Husky Testing program, some schools and programs provide remote accommodations this quarter for immunocompromised individuals and people with unvaccinated children. The UW has made all of these things happen. Where does WSU administration stand at this point? I had understood there was some discussion of a dashboard being reinstated? Is anyone tracking and reporting positive cases on campus?


-Susan Collins, Psychology