Could the FAQ-s clarify the types of masks permitted under the governor’s order? It is likely to cause disturbances.
“Types of face coverings permitted.
o For purposes of this order, a face covering must:
+Fit snugly against the sides of the face;
+ Completely cover the nose and mouth;
+ Be secured with ties, ear loops, elastic bands, or other equally effective method; and
+ Include at least one layer of tightly woven fabric without visible holes, although
multiple layers are strongly recommended.
o A face covering may also be a mask or face covering that provides a higher level of
protection than a cloth face covering, such as a medical procedure/surgical mask, a KN95
mask, or an N95 mask. ”

Also, I am concerned that one of the FAQ statements as written actually contradicts the order and needs to be revised more carefully. Specifically, FAQ says
“Can instructors remove their masks to teach?
Vaccinated instructors are permitted to remove their face coverings to teach, provided they maintain 6 feet of distance from their class OR can instruct behind a plexiglass barrier. …”
The governor’s order does not mention 6′ distancing, and does not specifically recognize instruction as a reason to remove one’s mask. In particular, the DOH order specifically indicates that public agencies and officials can impose more strict, but not less strict requirements.
To clarify the statement in question, there are provisions for removing one’s mask under specific circumstance (p.3 of the DOH order). E.g. communication with hearing-impaired students is one of those cases. But not in general.

Alex Dimitrov, Mathematics and Statistics