Please sign this petition for a safer teaching and learning environment at WSU

The COVID-19 delta variant poses an increasing challenge to WSU students, staff, and faculty. It is also putting our families at risk–our unvaccinated children and immune-compromised family members. It is endangering the larger surrounding community, where the vaccination rate is only 44%. This petition demands for more shared leadership and transparency informing COVID-19 policy, alternative accommodations for more vulnerable constituents, including access to remote learning/teaching, and regular testing and monitoring to detect and contain outbreaks in a timely way.

I have a list of questions for the administration about the COVID-19 policies and procedures, which some other constituents have noted below. I am very concerned about the apparent lack of clarity around many of the policies or the lack of communication thereof.

Please sign the petition for the safety and the health of our community by clicking the link here.

Susan E. Collins, PhD, WSU Department of Psychology


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  1. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee appreciates input and concerns raised by faculty. We regularly forward all Constituent Concerns to the Central Administration and seek answers for the issues raised. Many thanks for contributing to the dialogue concerning this critical issue facing the WSU community. Please let us know if this concern needs additional attention by replying here or emailing

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