Questioning the statistical integrity of the vax rates reported

The responses we are receiving assume we have poor understanding of basic descriptive statistics. I challenge the recent assertion that >90% of students are vaccinated. You have to report the response rate for that to have any actual context.

  •  Can we please add a dashboard on the vax status data, by campus, by status (faculty, staff, student)? This would be pretty incentivizing and fun to watch [from a distance] increase over the course of the semester.
  • In the meantime, what percentage of the WSU community (reported separately by classification — faculty, staff, students– and by campus):
    • Have reported their vaccination status?
    • Have a fully documented full vaccination status, have a documented medical exemption, have a documented religious exemption, have a “personal/philosophical” exemption? Also, be sure to provide those data with the % non-reporter provided, so it’s not misleading statistically, so:
  • xx% missing data
  • xx% fully vaccinated
  • xx% documented medical exemption
  • xx% religious exemption
  • xx% philosophical/personal exemption
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  1. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee appreciates input and concerns raised by faculty. We regularly forward all Constituent Concerns to the Central Administration and seek answers for the issues raised. Many thanks for contributing to the dialogue concerning this critical issue facing the WSU community. Please let us know if this concern needs additional attention by replying here or emailing

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