The responses we are receiving assume we have poor understanding of basic descriptive statistics. I challenge the recent assertion that >90% of students are vaccinated. You have to report the response rate for that to have any actual context.

  •  Can we please add a dashboard on the vax status data, by campus, by status (faculty, staff, student)? This would be pretty incentivizing and fun to watch [from a distance] increase over the course of the semester.
  • In the meantime, what percentage of the WSU community (reported separately by classification — faculty, staff, students– and by campus):
    • Have reported their vaccination status?
    • Have a fully documented full vaccination status, have a documented medical exemption, have a documented religious exemption, have a “personal/philosophical” exemption? Also, be sure to provide those data with the % non-reporter provided, so it’s not misleading statistically, so:
  • xx% missing data
  • xx% fully vaccinated
  • xx% documented medical exemption
  • xx% religious exemption
  • xx% philosophical/personal exemption