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Faculty Senate Active Constituent Concerns

Active Constituent Concerns

  • EP29 and the inherent disconnect between Pullman and the other campuses.

    As we now have a committee and a consultant dedicated to reviewing EP-29 and the the relationship between and among the campuses, I would like to state the following concern: it is naive, dysfunctional, and (in some cases) crazy-making to insist that academic-unit leadership reside in Pullman without any input from that leadership concerning the allocation of resources. I know of no model anywhere, public or private, academic or corporate, for which this principal works. Academic decisions *are* (as often as not) decisions about how to best allocate limited resources–both to promote academic vision and goals, and to assure that our students, faculty, and staff … » More …

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  • Can we delay the search for a provost until we have resolved/clarified EP 29? It seems that this is a glaring infrastructural problem for the incoming provost.

    With a firm in the process of calculating solutions to our system and clarifying EP 29 it seems difficult to communicate to incoming candidates the state of affairs at WSU. Shouldn’t we solidify and clarify the reporting structure prior to the search for a provost? Wouldn’t it be best to be able to establish and test a new structure without a new provost?

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  • Real Life Church on Campus

    Are there potential issues concerning WSU leasing space to Real Life in Daggy Hall, together with concomitant semi-permanent displays in and near Daggy?

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  • Low Course Evaluation Response Rates

    Faculty in our department, which includes many large enrollment undergraduate courses, have ongoing concerns about low response rates for course evaluations, particularly given that these evaluations are typically among the primary data available for determining effectiveness in teaching for annual evaluations and promotion decisions. To improve response rates, various faculty are using a variety of means (e.g., in-class reminders; email reminders; in-class time for completion of the evaluation; extra credit for individual students completing the evaluation by a deadline; extra credit for all students in the course if a criterion response rate is met by a deadline). There are concerns that these techniques require extra … » More …

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