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Faculty Senate Constituent Concerns

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As pressing issues arise during the year, the Faculty Executive Committee will share information to the faculty through the Faculty Senate Blog page to address broad concerns that may be mentioned here.

We appreciate you submitting your concern, and will respond in a timely manner as information becomes available.

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  • Inability to give ‘soft money’ technicians a pay raise

    One of my faculty constituents wants to give a field technician a raise. This technician is essential to the program, has a Ph.D. and is supported by grant funds (soft money). This particular program has a history of losing field technicians due to non-competitive salaries. The faculty member would like to know why WSU wants to control the ability of faculty to give raises to employees that are funded from grants and/or commission funds. The department chair approved the raise but it was denied at a higher administrative level. The faculty member has heard from two other faculty with the same concern.

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