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Washington State University

Addressing Workplace Misconduct

Dear Colleagues:

We recently completed a Qualtrics survey for information about the challenges that faculty face with staff recruitment and retention. As part of this survey, we received several responses on unrelated topics. In a couple cases, we received comments suggesting that the respondent has encountered issues of sexual discrimination, retaliation, favoritism, and nepotism. I want to emphasize that WSU is publicly and fully committed to creating a workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.  If any WSU employee encounters such situations, we strongly encourage you to report your concerns to WSU’s office of Civil Rights and Compliance (CRC) for follow up:

At the end of the day, we can’t control things like pay raises from the state legislature, but we can control issues that impact the quality of our day-to-day work environment. We can and must do better, but it also requires trust and a willingness to seek help. I’m personally familiar with the staff at CRC and I can vouch for their dedicated efforts to address the wrongs committed by a minority of individuals. Please reach out if you need help.

Photo of Faculty Senate Chair, Doug CallSincerely,

Douglas Call, Faculty Senate Chair

Inclusive Pedagogy Workshop

Inclusive Pedagogy Skillport Registration

The latest addition to the Community and Equity Certificate Program includes the new online Workshop: Inclusive Pedagogy


This online training is geared toward faculty members, staff and instructors who intend to embody inclusive values in their classrooms and beyond.  The exploration of inclusive pedagogy will focus on: asset vs. deficit based mindset, transparency in course design and delivery, the mitigation of stereotype threat, and modeling/encouraging growth mindset.  The principles to be discussed are adaptable to any discipline and can be utilized for undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses.

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to articulate and apply the principles of an asset-based mindset.
  • Participants will explore strategies for reducing stereotype threat in classrooms/meeting spaces.
  • Participants will identify strategies for increasing course transparency.
  • Participants will identify strategies for modeling and encouraging growth mindset.

Inclusive Pedagogy SkillPort Registration

(click the link above to navigate to the HRS registration)

Faculty Senate Agenda: November 4, 2021


The Faculty Senate will meet Thursday, November 4, 2021 via Zoom at 3:30 p.m. Please note that voting senators should be logged into zoom. Non-voting members and community members may view the Faculty Senate meeting through the YouTube stream.

Join Zoom Meeting

You may access the Faculty Senate YouTube Stream Link here.

If you need assistance with Zoom, please email Please request help well before the senate meeting as this support service will be busy.


Guest Presentation: Co-chair to the Task Force on Equitable Policies & Practices


  1. Call to Order.
  2. Approval of Minutes from the October 21, 2021 Meeting.
  3. Announcements
    1. Information Items.
      1. Faculty Senate Officers met with the president and provost on October 25th, 2021.
      2. (Item # 2021.11.04_125_PHSC) Minor Change Bulletin No. 4 (Exhibit 125A). – J. Mattoon
      3. (Item # 2021.11.04_126_GSC) Molecular Bio-sciences, MS, PhD Bylaw revision. (Exhibit 126A 126B). -G. Wayman / E. Nicol
    2. Reports
      1. Remarks by Faculty Senate Chair Doug Call

IV. Additions or Changes to the Agenda.

V. Agenda Items

  1. Action Items
      1. (Item # 2021.10.21_113_AAC) Undergraduate and Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 2  (Exhibits 113A 113B). – E. Lopez
      2. (Item # 2021.10.21_114_AAC) Proposal to Extend the Certificate in Core Competencies in Spanish Language and Culture to Vancouver (Exhibit 114A 114B). E. Lopez
      3. (Item # 2021.10.21_115_AAC) Proposal to Revise Rules 114c, 115c, 116c, and 117c (Exhibit 115A). – E. Lopez
      4. (Item # 2021.10.21_116_AAC) Proposal to Establish a new subcommittee for Faculty Senate under AAC (Exhibits 116A 116B). – E. Lopez
      5. (Item # 2021.10.21_118_GSC) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 2 (Exhibit 118A). – G. Wayman / E. Nicol
      6. (Item # 2021.10.21_119_GSC) Revision to the MA in English, Emphasis in Literary Studies (Exhibit 119A 119B). – G. Wayman / E. Nicol
  2. Discussion Items
      1. (Item # 2021.11.04_120_AAC) Undergraduate and Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 3 (Exhibits 120A 120B) -E. Lopez
      2. (Item # 2021.11.04_122_AAC) Proposal to Discontinue the BA in Interior Design, Spokane Campus (Exhibits 122A 122B) -E. Lopez
      3. (Item # 2021.11.04_123_PHSC) Professional Health Sciences Major Change Bulletin No. 1 (Exhibit 123). -J. Mattoon
      4. (Item # 2021.11.04_124_GSC) Revision of the Veterinary Sciences PhD and MS to Biomedical Sciences (Exhibit 124A 124B) -G. Wayman / E. Nicol
      5. (Item # 2021.11.04_127_GSC) Graduate Major Course Bulletin GSC approvals of KINES 596, KINES 564, and SOC 527 (Exhibit 127A 127B 127C 127D) – G. Wayman / E. Nicol
      6. (Item # 2021.11.04_128_Steering) Proposal to make the Syllabus Committee a sub-committee of AAC, GSC, and PHSC. – M. Hudelson

VI. Constituent Concerns.

VII. Adjournment