Meeting Minutes: January 19, 2023

Guest Presentation: Employee Assistance Program Overview & WSU Health / Wellness Benefits
·       Darrow Brown, Workforce Support & Development Program Director
·       Ann Monroe, WSU Director, Benefits


The faculty Senate met on Thursday, January 19, 2023, in French 130D and via Zoom. Sixty- five (65) senators were present with twenty-one (21) absent and twenty- four (24) non-voting members present. The meeting was called to order by Chair, Christine Horne at 4:00pm


  1. Call to Order.
  2. Approval of minutes from the December 8, 2022 faculty senate meeting (PDF)
  3. Announcements
    1. Information Items
      1. The faculty senate officers met with the university president & provost on January 11th, 2023.
        1. Athletics gaming issue follow up.
        2. Legislative update and priority
        3. COACHE survey
        4. Indigenous student support
        5. Sustainability group update and pending report.
      2. The faculty senate chair will report to the board of regents on January 27th. 2023.
      3. (Item #2023.01.12_262_Catalog) EQJS Summary Bulletin for CAHNRS, No. 1 (Exhibit 262A).
      4. (Item #2023.01.12_263_Catalog) EQJS Summary Bulletin for CAS No. 1,2,3 (Exhibit 263A, 263B 263C).
      5. (Item #2023.01.12_264_Catalog) EQJS Summary Bulletin for COM, No. 1 (Exhibit 264A).
      6. (Item #2023.01.12_265_Catalog) EQJS Summary Bulletin for VCEA, No. 1 (Exhibit 265A).
      7. (Item #2023.01.12_266_Catalog) EQJS Summary Bulletin for ESFCOM, No. 1 (Exhibit 266A).
      8. (Item #2023.01.12_267_Catalog) EQJS Summary Bulletin for CVM, No. 1 (Exhibit 267A).
      9. (Item #2023.01.12_268_Steering) Extension of the Syllabus Requirements Pilot (Exhibit 268A 268B).
      10. (Item #2023.01.12_269_Registrar) Minor Change Bulletin No. 6 (Exhibit 269A).
      11. (Item #2023.01.12_270_GSC) Approval of Clinical Psychology, PhD, Bylaws (Exhibit 270A 270B).
      12. (Item #2023.01.12_277_Steering) Executive Policy 33 Reference Item (Exhibit 277A).
    2. Reports
      1. Remarks by Faculty Senate Chair, Christine Horne
        1. Faculty Senate Concerns & Activities Table 01.19.23 (PDF).
        2. Then & Now: Legislative affordability initiatives have cut college debt | WSU Government Relations (Exhibit A).
      2. Remarks by Faculty Senate Executive Secretary, Matthew Hudelson
        1. Announcement of senate executive election procedures
        2. Formal nominations for the faculty senate executive positions open on January 19, 2023.
        3. New Executive Nomination Site now open
  4. Additions or changes to the agenda
  5. Agenda Items
    1. Action items
      1. (Item #2022.11.17_246_Catalog) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 5, item No. 1 [Civil Engineering Course 545 removed] (Exhibit 246A).
        1. Approved; 58 approved; 0 reject.
      2. (Item #2022.12.08_254_AAC) Undergraduate & Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 6 (Exhibit 254A 254B). -D. Grigar
        1. Approved; 57 approved; 0 reject.
      3. (Item #2022.12.08_256_GSC) Change the Graduate Plan for PhD in Clinical Psychology (Exhibit 256A 256B). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. Approved; 61 approved; 0 reject.
      4. (Item #2022.12.08_257_Registrar) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 6 (Exhibit 257A).
        1. Approved; 61 approved; 1 reject.
      5. (Item #2022.12.08_260_AAC) Undergraduate and Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 7 (Exhibit 260A 260B). -D. Grigar
        1. Approved; 59 approved; 3 reject
    2. Discussion Items
      1. (Item #2023.01.12_261_PHSC) Professional Health Sciences Major Change Bulletin No. 1 (Exhibit 261A 261B). -J. Mattoon
        1. No discussion
      2. (Item #2023.01.12_271_FAC) Proposed amendments to sections VII and XIII and insertion of section XIV of the Faculty Senate Bylaws (Exhibit 271A). -J. McDonald
        1. No discussion
      3. (Item #2023.01.12_272_GSC) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 7 (Exhibit 272A). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. No discussion
      4. (Item #2023.01.12_273_AAC) Proposal to Establish the Bachelor of Science Degree in Cybersecurity (Exhibit 273A 273B). -D. Grigar / K. Sivakumar
        1. This degree does have interest at WSU Vancouver. -A. Dimitrov
      5. (Item #2023.01.12_274_AAC) Proposal to Create a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences (Exhibit 274A 274B 274C). -D. Drigar / K. Meier
        1. Third- and fourth-year curriculum and consideration for overlap of other undergraduate degree programs. -A. Goodman
        2. Human Science and pharmaceutical science is at the core design of the course program that does not overlap with any other undergraduate degree programs. -K. Meier / M. Leid
      6. (Item #2023.01.12_275_CoC) Recommendation of Professional Health Sciences Committee Member, Jose Pares-Avila (Exhibit 275A). -E. Shelden
        1. No discussion
      7. Item #2023.01.12_276_SSC) Establishment of a University Syllabus (Exhibit 276A) -C. Stratton
        1. Will grading be a part of the university wide syllabus. -J. Bonzo
        2. The syllabus component is a separate component from the grading component which will be discussed at a different time. -C. Horne
  6. Constituent Concerns
    1. GBT chat bot and how potential banning may affect future policy / proposals. -A Dimitrov / D. Grigar
    2. Tri-Cities Academic Portfolio and resource review managed by third-party consultant RPK Group and consideration for the $350,000 cost of this analysis. If enrollment does not improve on the Tri-Cities campus, there is a concern on the cost / benefit analysis of the third party consultant and program viability analysis. -P. Skilton
    3. January 17th Insider budgeting tool and 6% budget cut proposals as it relates to campuses and colleges. In tandem with enrollment and revenue declines, there is concern for athletic spending and athletic department debt. -L. Premo
    4. Comment relating to the President’s report to the faculty senate two years ago and his commitment to a budget repayment plan/ intention to report back on the debt situation in the athletics department. -V. Walden
    5. Eric Roalson – Rules regarding hourly employees. -E. Roalson
      1. Resource link for the questions about non-student hourly workers: -D. Call
    6. Michael McDonnell – Post doc salary and overtime eligibility concerns
  7. Meeting Adjourned: 4:45pm

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Hudelson, Executive Secretary

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