Meeting Minutes: September 20, 2018

Faculty Senate Minutes

Regular Meeting

September 20, 2018

The Faculty Senate was called to order by J. Mageo, Chair on Thursday September 20, 2018, in FSHN T101 at 3:30 p.m. forty-two (42) members were present with nineteen (19) absent and eight (8) nonvoting members present.

Minutes of April 12, 2018 meeting were approved as circulated.

  1. Announcements (Information items).
    1. Information Items.
      1. Faculty Senate Officers met with the provost on May 23, June 19, July 24, August 21, September 18, 2018
      2. Faculty Senate Officers met with the president on June 25, August 9, 2018
      3. Minor Change Bulletin #1 #2  (Exhibits B   B1)
      4. Undergraduate Bulletin #1 – Correction Bulletin (Exhibits G  G1)
      5. Summer Items passed by Steering Committee
        1. Discontinue MBA in Business  Administration– Tri-City
        2. Discontinue BS in Athletic Training
      6. Correction of the title of the BS in Earth and Environmental Science, to the BS in Earth and Environmental Sciences (Exhibit C)
      7. Name change from Program in Women’s Studies to Program in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. (Exhibits D, E)  The NOI (attached) appeared on Senate agenda 02.08.18 as an Information Item accompanied by New School focused on Languages, Cultures, and Race 
      8. Ormsby Award winner:  Susan Finley
      9. The Research and Arts Committee approved the 5 year review for the Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice
      10. The Research and Arts Committee voted to grant interim status to the Center for Arts and Humanities
      11. The Research and Arts Committee voted to grant interim status to the three joint WSU-PNNL Institutes (Advanced Grid Institute, Bioproducts Institute, and Nuclear Science & Technology Institute) with an extra extension granted for the full proposal due date for the Bioproducts Institute
  2. Announcements (Reports)
    1. Remarks by J. Mageo
    2. Senate Website Overview by Greg Crouch                    
    3. Remarks by Steering Committee Chairs
  3. Additions or Changes to the Agenda – none
  4. Agenda Items (Discussion Items).
    1. Recommendation from the Graduate Studies Committee to approve Graduate Major Change Bulletin #1 (Exhibit F)  D.Call/A.Dimitrov
      1. No Discussion
    2. Recommendation from the Academic Affairs Committee to approve the Undergraduate Major Change Bulletin #2 (Exhibits  H    H1)– K.Hildenbrand
      1. No Discussion
    3. Recommendation from the Academic Affairs Committee to approve the UCORE Bulletin #1 (Exhibit  I )– K.Hildenbrand
      1. No Discussion
    4. Recommendation from the Academic Affairs Committee to approve the proposal to Extend the American Indian Studies Certificate  to Global Campus (Exhibits J  J1  J2  )– K.Hildenbrand
      1. No Discussion
    5. Recommendation from Steering Committee to approve the Faculty Senate Committees (Exhibit  K
      1. No Discussion
  5. Constituents’ Concerns.
    1. Concerns were brought forward regarding the transparency and clarity on PBL funding, WSU Research Infrastructure and the Drive to 25.
    2. It was reported that an email request from Administration was sent encouraging instructors to provide input to the Department of Athletics regarding performance updates on student athletes at week 5 and 13.   Concerns arose regarding the consent release signed by athletes, how the instructor information will be used and that this early warning system should be applicable to all students, not just athletes.
    3. Detailed transcript of these concerns are on the Faculty Senate Website.
  6. Adjournment.                                              

                      The meeting adjourned at 4:21 p.m.

                                              Amy Nielsen, Executive Secretary

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