Meeting Minutes: November 4, 2021


  1. The Faculty Senate met Thursday, November 4, 2021 via Zoom at 3:30pm in Lighty 403 and via Zoom. Sixty-four (64) members were present with nineteen (19) absent and twelve (12) nonvoting members present. Call to Order by D. Call, Chair at 3:59 p.m.
    1. Guest Speakers: Co-chair of the Task Force on Equitable Policies & Practices (PDF)
      1. Zoe Higheagle Strong, Executive Director of Tribal Relations & Special Assistant to the Provost and Executive Vice President
  2. Approval of Minutes from the October 21, 2021 Meeting.
    1. Unanimous approval
  3. Announcements
    1. Information Items.
      1. Faculty Senate Officers met with the president and provost on October 25th, 2021.
      2. (Item # 2021.11.04_125_PHSC) Minor Change Bulletin No. 4 (Exhibit 125A). – J. Mattoon
      3. (Item # 2021.11.04_126_GSC) Molecular Bio-sciences, MS, PhD Bylaw revision. (Exhibit 126A 126B). -G. Wayman / E. Nicol
    2. Reports
      1. Remarks by Faculty Senate Chair Doug Call
        1. Immediate Past Chair Dave Turnbull was unable to make the meeting.
        2. 18th and 19th of November Board of Regents meeting agenda will be released
        3. New guidance for WSU gathering on the COVID website
        4. Moving forward the Faculty Senate agenda will follow the correct order of business in prioritizing action items (old business) before discussion items (new business) per Roberts Rules of Order.  
  4. Additions or Changes to the Agenda.
    1. No additions or changes mentioned.
  5. Agenda Items.
    1. Action Items
      1. (Item # 2021.10.21_113_AAC) Undergraduate and Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 2  (Exhibits 113A 113B). – E. Lopez
        1. Motion Carried:  57 approve; 0 reject
      2. (Item # 2021.10.21_114_AAC) Proposal to Extend the Certificate in Core Competencies in Spanish Language and Culture to Vancouver (Exhibit 114A 114B). E. Lopez 
        1. Motion Carried:  57 approve; 0 reject
      3. (Item # 2021.10.21_115_AAC) Proposal to Revise Rules 114c, 115c, 116c, and 117c (Exhibit 115A). – E. Lopez
        1. Motion Carried:  57 approve; 0 reject
      4. (Item # 2021.10.21_116_AAC) Proposal to Establish a new subcommittee for Faculty Senate under AAC (Exhibits 116A 116B). – E. Lopez
        1. Motion Carried:  56 approve; 0 reject
      5. (Item # 2021.10.21_118_GSC) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 2 (Exhibit 118A). – G. Wayman / E. Nicol
        1. Motion Carried:  57 approve; 0 reject
      6. (Item # 2021.10.21_119_GSC) Revision to the MA in English, Emphasis in Literary Studies (Exhibit 119A 119B). – G. Wayman / E. Nicol
        1. Motion Carried:  59 approve; 0 reject
    2. Discussion Items
      1. (Item # 2021.11.04_120_AAC) Undergraduate and Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 3 (Exhibits 120A 120B) -E. Lopez
        1. No discussion
      2. (Item # 2021.11.04_122_AAC) Proposal to Discontinue the BA in Interior Design, Spokane Campus (Exhibits 122A 122B) -E. Lopez
        1. Comment: No student or faculty seem to be majorly affected by this change but there is concern for why this BA being discontinued? -C. Capan
        2. Response: While this program is offered in Pullman this program is no longer offered on the Spokane campus. -B. Bitter
        3. Response: This program may have been offered in the South Campus Facility building in Spokane when the Architecture program was offered but since that change, this program has not received much attention. -S. James
      3. (Item # 2021.11.04_123_PHSC) Professional Health Sciences Major Change Bulletin No. 1 (Exhibit 123). -J. Mattoon
        1. No discussion
      4. (Item # 2021.11.04_124_GSC) Revision of the Veterinary Sciences PhD and MS to Biomedical Sciences (Exhibit 124A 124B,) -G. Wayman / E. Nicol
        1. No discussion
      5. (Item # 2021.11.04_127_GSC) Graduate Major Course Bulletin GSC approvals of KINES 596, KINES 564, and SOC 527 (Exhibit 127A 127B 127C 127D) – G. Wayman / E. Nicol
        1. Comment: Concern on the separation of computer security courses at the 400 and 500 levels. -C. Capan
        2. Response: The separation of these courses supports upper undergraduate and graduate level courses rather than keeping them together. -G. Wayman
      6. (Item # 2021.11.04_128_Steering) Proposal to move the Syllabus Committee as a sub-committee of AAC, GSC, and PHSC. – M. Hudelson
        1. Comment: How does the structure of this proposal work for the sub-committee members? -C. Capan
        2. Response: This is an item that was passed through steering last year but never made it to the Senate minutes. There are Committee issues that are related to sub-committee processes and representation of one sub-committee member to the overarching committee helps to encourage information sharing. Representatives are outlined on the Faculty Senate webpage. -M. Hudelson  
  6. Constituent Concerns.
    1. Technician concerns – why does WSU want to have control over positions that are managed by grants. The chair of the department approved the position, but the position was declined by a higher-ranking administrator. This position is an AP position. -M. Neff
    2. Concern about raises and the WSU Budget – H. Jansen.
    3. Classified staff recruitment concerns – Staff constituent retention concerns how we are planning to resolve the classified staff recruitment. – M. McDonell
    4. COVID-19 Case Data Dashboard and access to COVID response information on the webpage -E. Roalson
    5. Additional Technician concern and re-categorization of employees to encourage retention – B. Tanner.
      1. Continued conversations with HRS are ongoing towards improving faculty retention of technicians.  January 20th HRS presentation is possible.
      2. Business model concerns as it relates to the budget
      3. Encouragement of a task force to review the salary equity and inversion of salaries. -D. Call
      4. Recommendation for salary equity pay raises funded centrally to relieve responsibility from individual departments and colleges. -L. Hill
  7. Meeting adjourned at 4:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew Hudelson, Faculty Senate Executive Secretary

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