Meeting Minutes: December 9, 2021


Guest Presentation: WSU Budget Update
  • Provost Elizabeth Chilton, Executive Vice President & Chancellor-Designate, WSU Pullman
  • Stacy Pearson, Vice President for Finance & Administration
  1. Call to Order. The Faculty Senate met on Thursday, December 9th, 2021 in Lighty 403 and via Zoom. Sixty-one (61) members were present with twenty-three (23) absent and twenty-one (21) nonvoting members present. Call to Order by D. Call, Chair at 3:30pm
  1. Approval of Minutes from the November 18, 2021 Meeting
    1. November 18th, 2021 Meeting Minutes were approved with unanimous consent.
  2. Announcements
    1. Information Items.
      1. Faculty Senate Officers will meet with the president and provost on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021.
      2. (Item # 2021.12.9.21_140_Registrar) Minor Change Bulletin #6 (Exhibit 140)
    2. Reports
      1. Remarks by Faculty Senate Chair Doug Call
        1. Mention and reminder of the retention survey which will close on January 7, 2022.
        2. There on ongoing discussions with Associate Vice Provost, Craig Parks regarding the revised NWCCU accreditation requirements.
  3. Additions or Changes to the Agenda.
    1. Motion from Cigdem Capan to move discussion Item 4 to an action Item; second by Eric Roalson.
      1. Motion Carried: 59 approved; 0 rejected
      2. Discussion item 4 (Item # 2021.12.9.21_141_AAC) on the agenda became action item 8. 
      3. Discussion item 5 (Item # 2021.12.9.21_142_GSC) became discussion item 4.
  4. Agenda Items
    1. Action Items
      1. (Item # 2021.11.18.21_130_AAC) Recommended approval of Changes to the academic calendar (Exhibit 130A). -G. Wayman / E. Nicol / E. Lopez / J. Mattoon
        1. Motion Carried:  58 approved; 0 rejected
      2. (Item # 2021.11.18.21_131_GSC) Recommended approval of the Revised PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering (Exhibit 131A 131B). -G. Wayman / E. Nicol
        1. Motion Carried: 59 approved; 0 rejected
      3. (Item #2021.11.18.21_132_AAC) Proposal to extend the BA in Chemistry to Vancouver (Exhibit 132A 132B). -E. Silva Lopez
        1. Motion Carried: 57 approved; 0 rejected
      4. (Item #2021.11.18.21_133_AAC) Proposal to establish new UCORE Designation: Equity and Justice [EQJS] (Exhibit 133A). -E. Silva Lopez
        1. Request to hold the vote. -N. Shahani
        2. Follow up and additional context for this request. -C. Stratton
        3. Motion from Nishant Shahani, to remand item 4 back to the Academic Affairs Committee for further discussion for senators from WSU departments and schools to provide additional feedback to the UCORE Committee, seconded by Kim Andersen.
          1. Motion Carried: 30 approved (including the chair voting to approve); 29 rejected
      5. (Item #2021.11.18.21_134_AAC) Proposal to revise Rule 111 (Exhibit 134A). -E. Silva Lopez
        1. Motion Carried: 57 approved; 0 rejected
      6. (Item #2021.11.18.21_135_AAC) Proposal to revise Rule 98 (Exhibit 135A). -E. Silva Lopez
        1. Motion Carried: 57 approved; 0 rejected
      7. (Item #2021.11.18.21_136_AAC) Undergraduate and Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 4 (Exhibit 136A 136B). -E. Silva Lopez
        1. Motion Carried: 58 approved; 0 rejected
      8. (Item # 2021.12.9.21_141_AAC) Proposal to revise Rule 38 (Exhibit 141A 141B). -E. Silva Lopez
        1. Concern: regarding the mechanisms in place to encourage student success as it relates to revision to rule 38. -A. Dimitrov
        2. Response: Students that are placed on reinstatement will be contacted directly and supported on specific areas of challenge for the student. Targeted areas of support will be made available to students that may be impacted by the revision to Rule 38. -E. Silva Lopez
        3. Concern: How large / widespread is this issue quantitatively. -H. Jansen
        4. Response: In the last year there has been an indication of increased negative student performance likely as a result of the global pandemic. There is expected longer-term impacts from the global pandemic on the performance of students and the proposed revision to Rule 38 is an opportunity to proactively address student challenges and improve student success and retention. -B. Davis.  
        5. Concern: How many students has rule 38 applied to by campus quantitatively? -P. Skilton
        6. Response: Pre-covid data indicates that approximately 250 students in Pullman were impacted by this rule. And 300 student’s system-wide. During the first year of implementation of Rule 38 during the Fall Semester the following quantitative estimated impacts of this rule include:
          1. 203 Pullman students
          2. 30 Vancouver students
          3. 15 Tri-Cities students
        7. Increased numbers of student’s system wide have applied to Rule 38 since its first year of inception pre-covid. -T. King
          1. Motion Carried:  47 approved; 5 rejected
    2. Discussion Items:
      1. (Item # 2021.12.9.21_137_GSC) Recommended approval to revise the PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (Exhibit 137A 137B). -G. Wayman / E. Nicol
        1. Concern: Graded credits required for this revision and concern for the increased PhD credits being research based or coursework related. -H. Jansen
        2. Response: This revision addresses a seminar series and does not address the change in graded credits vs. non-graded credits in this program, further review will be conducted. -G. Wayman.  
      2. (Item # 2021.12.9.21_138_CoC) Recommended approval to revise the Committee on Committees composition language (Exhibit 138).  -C. Horne
        1. Recommendation to include gender, diversity and inclusion options. -C. Capan
      3. (Item # 2021.12.9.21_139_FAC) Recommended approval to revise sections III.C.5.b of the Faculty Manual (Exhibit 139). -J. McDonald
        1. Concern: On whether the recommended revision will apply to faculty positions aside from tenure track faculty.  -X. Gao
        2. Response: This revision applies to both career track and tenure track faculty promotion processes and rights to rebuttal.
      4. (Item # 2021.12.9.21_142_GSC) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 4 (Exhibit 142A). -G. Wayman / E. Nicol
        1. No concerns
  5. Constituent Concerns.
    1. Concern: New long-term care tax for those employees that are employees that work in Washington State but may not live in Washington. -M. Dunn
    2. Response: This rule is set to be enacted by January 1, 2022 and exceptions will be addressed once this law is in place next month. -D. Call
  6. Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Matthew Hudelson, Faculty Senate Executive Secretary

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