Meeting Minutes: December 8, 2022

Guest Presentation: OneWSU (PDF)
·       Chris Hoyt, Vice President, Strategy, Planning, and Analysis; Chief of Staff


The faculty Senate met on Thursday, December 8, 2022, in Lighty 403 and via Zoom. Fifty-seven (57) senators were present with twenty-three (23) absent and sixteen (16) non-voting members present. The meeting was called to order by Chair, Christine Horne at 4:00pm


  1. Call to Order: 4:00pm
  2. Approval of Minutes from the November 17, 2022 Faculty Senate Meeting (PDF)
  3. Announcements
    1. Information Items
      1. The Faculty Senate Officers met with the university President & Provost on November 28, 2022.
      2. (Item #2022.12.08_255_GSC) Approval of Business Administration, PhD Bylaws (Exhibit 255A 255B). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
      3. (Item #2022.12.08_261_AAC) Minor Change Bulletin No. 5 (Exhibit 261A). -P. Sekhar
    2. Reports
      1. Remarks by Faculty Senate Chair, Christine Horne
        1. Faculty Senate Concerns & Activities Table 12.08.22 (PDF).
  4. Additions or changes to the agenda
  5. Agenda Items
    1. Action items
      1. (Item #2022.11.17_244_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Applied Measurement & Quantitative Methods Certificate (Exhibit 244A 244B).  -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. Approved; 54 approved; 0 reject
      2. (Item #2022.11.17_245_GSC) Revised Graduate Plan for MS Software Engineering (Exhibit 245A 245B). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. Approved; 55 approved; 0 reject
      3. (Item #2022.11.17_246_Catalog) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 5 (Exhibit 246A).
        1. Motion to Amend Action Item 3: Postpone the first item in Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 5 [Civil Engineering Course 545] as an action item in the next faculty senate meeting on January 19th2023. -A. Dimitrov
          1. Approved; 50 approved; 1 reject  
        1. Amended Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 5 Approved; 52 approved; 1 reject
    2. Discussion Items
      1. (Item #2022.12.08_254_AAC) Undergraduate & Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 6 (Exhibit 254A 254B). -P. Sekhar
        1. No discussion
      2. (Item #2022.12.08_256_GSC) Change the Graduate Plan for PhD in Clinical Psychology (Exhibit 256A 256B). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. No discussion
      3. (Item #2022.12.08_257_Registrar) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 6 (Exhibit 257A).
        1. No discussion
      4.  (Item #2022.12.08_260_AAC) Undergraduate and Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 7 (Exhibit 260A 260B). -P. Sekhar
        1. No discussion
  6. Constituent Concerns
    1. Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds Inquiry. -A. Dimitrov
      1. 2020 – 2022 HEERF Distribution Data
    2. Concern for concrete answers on constituent concerns. -J. Barber
    3. Salary Equity Program Update. -J. Miller
      1. Faculty Senate Leadership will be following up on this inquiry during their next meeting with university leadership. -C. Horne
  7. Meeting Adjourned 4:17pm

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Hudelson, Executive Secretary

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