Meeting Minutes: November 17, 2022

Guest Presentation: Graduate School & Professional Programs (PDF)
  • Tammy Barry, Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education


The faculty Senate met on Thursday, November 17, 2022 in Lighty 403 and via Zoom. Sixty-five (65) senators were present with fourteen (14) absent and twenty (20) non-voting members present. The meeting was called to order by Chair, Christine Horne at 4:03pm


  1. Call to Order. 4:03
  1. Approval of Minutes from the November 3, 2022 Faculty Senate Meeting (PDF).
    1. No corrections; the minutes stand approved.
  1. Announcements
    1. Information Items
      1. The Faculty Senate will report to the Board of Regents on November 18th, 2022.
      2. Faculty Senate Officers will meet with university leadership on November 28th, 2022.
      3. (Item #2022.11.17_247_Provost) WSU Pullman – Admissions Review Process (Exhibit 247A).
      4. (Item #2022.11.17_248_Steering) Proposal to Redesignate the Doctor of Nursing Practice from a Graduate to Professional Degree Program (Exhibit 248A 248B 248C).
      5. (Item #2022.11.17_249_Steering) Proposal to change the name of the Department of Fine Arts (Exhibit 249A 249B 249C).
      6. (Item #2022.11.17_250_GSC) Correction to the PPPA bylaws to eliminate the Masters of Public Administration (250A *Formerly exhibit 238B).
      7. (Item #2022.11.17_251_EPPM) Notice to add EPPM 30 regarding First Day (Exhibit 251A).
      8. (Item #2022.11.17_252_EPPM) Notice of revisions to EPPM 5 (Exhibit 252A).
    2. Reports
      1. Remarks by Faculty Senate Chair, Christine Horne
        1. Faculty Senate Concerns & Activities Table 11.17.22 (PDF).
  1. Additions or changes to the agenda
    1. Motion: Request to move discussion item 4 to action item 12 in today’s November 17th Faculty Senate meeting. A. Dimitrov./  
      1. Seconded by Paul Skilton  
      2. Approved; 51 approve; 0 reject
  1. Agenda Items
    1. Action items
      1. (Item #2022.11.03_233_AE&SA) Rule 38B Extension Request (Exhibit 233A 233B). -B. Davis
        1. Approved; 56 approve; 1 reject
      2. (Item #2022.11.03_232_Ad Hoc) Request from the Senate Floor: Return to In-Person / Hybrid Faculty Senate Meetings Proposal (Exhibit 232A). -A. Goodman
        1. Comment: What is the benefit to the senate for having hybrid meetings. -P. Skilton
        2. Response: If in person teaching is more effective than remote teaching; perhaps in person meetings would also be a more suitable way for faculty to collaborate and share ideas as a system community.  -A. Goodman
        3. Comment: equity in discussion concerns and the request for the record to identify pullman and non-pullman faculty. -A. Dimitrov
        4. Response: The faculty senate can address the statistics of the vote as it relates to pullman / non-pullman votes. -M. Hudelson
        5. Inquiry: Is their sufficient bandwidth to support senators in an in-person environment? -M. Neff
        6. Response: Yes, bandwidth concerns have been considered and are not deemed an issue. -M. Hudelson
        7. Comment: Concern for the precedent of identifying Pullman vs. non-Pullman votes and the need for this proposal / the signals of setting this precedent. The senators will vote in the best interest of the senate, not in the best interest of any campus location. -J. Compeau
        8. Comment: Audio quality concerns from Everett. -S. Soobin
        9. Comment: Every campus has a faculty organization of its own except for the Pullman campus. The forum spaces at other campuses allow for community discussion. Recommendation to consider other alternatives. -P. Skilton
        10. Rejected; 13 approve; 45 reject
      3. (Item #2022.11.03_231_Registrar) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 2 (Exhibit 231A).
        1. Approved; 58 approve; 0 reject
      4. (Item #2022.11.03_234_AAC) Proposal to Establish Rule 60, Student Vaccination Requirements (Exhibit 234A). -P. Sekhar
        1. Approved; 56 approve; 3 reject
      5. (Item #2022.11.03_235_AAC) Undergraduate &  Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 4 (Exhibit 235A 235B). -P. Sekhar
        1. Approved; 51 approve; 4 reject
      6. (Item #2022.11.03_236_Registrar) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 4 (Exhibit 236A).
        1. Approved; 57 approve; 0 reject
      7. (Item #2022.11.03_239_GSC) Recommended Approval of the non-thesis MA in Political Science (Exhibit 239A 239B). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. Approved; 57 approve; 1 reject
      8. (Item #2022.11.03_240_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Supply Chain Management, Certificate (Exhibit 240A 240B).  -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. Approved; 59 approve; 0 reject
      9. (Item #2022.11.03_241_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Bioinformatics, Certificate (Exhibit 241A 241B 241C). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. Approved; 57 approve; o reject
      10. (Item #2022.11.03_243_AAC) Undergraduate & Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 5. (Exhibit 243A 243B). -P. Sekhar
        1. Confirmation that the course change identified as Fine Arts is approved despite the Fine arts designation not yet being officially approved -J. Miller
        2. Request confirmed -P. Sekhar
        3. Approved; 60 approve; 0 reject
      11. (Item #2022.10.20_229_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Energy Conscious Construction Certificate (Exhibit 229A 229B 229C). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
        1. Approved; 60 approve; 0 reject
      12. (Item #2022.11.17_253_CoC) Recommendation of New Graduate Studies Committee Member, Ruth Gregory (Exhibit 253A). -E. Shelden
        1. Ad hoc proposal 2 has been shifted from a discussion item to an action item during today’s meeting.
        2. Approved; 52 approve; 1 reject
  1. Discussion Items
    1. (Item #2022.11.17_244_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Applied Measurement & Quantitative Methods Certificate (Exhibit 244A 244B).  -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
      1. Inquiry: Is this certificate generally applied
      2. Response: This proposal is a collaboration between departments. Students can combine courses in order to add this certificate onto their degree program. This is a revision of a certificate that has already been in place. -G. Wayman / E. Nicol
      3. Response: This specific certificate can be taken by any graduate student ensuring that they complete all course requirements. -B. French
    2.  (Item #2022.11.17_245_GSC) Revised Graduate Plan for MS Software Engineering (Exhibit 245A 245B). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
      1. No discussion
    3. (Item #2022.11.17_246_Catalog) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 5 (Exhibit 246A).
      1. No discussion
  1. Constituent Concerns
    1. Considerations for the WSU grad school application fee. -J. Sabin McEwen
    2. Faculty in CAHNRS are concerned with fair labor act FLSA post doc overtime expectations. Concern with grad student productivity and the ability for WSU to maintain its land-grant mission. -M. Neff
      1. Response: WSU has tried to get an exception for this legislation. -D. Call
    3. Application Fee for graduate students. -J. Sabin-McEwen
    4. Library concerns -T. Simmons
    5. System-wide concern for library access. -G. Duncan
  1. Meeting Adjourned: 4:43pm

Respectfully submitted,

Matt Hudelson, Executive Secretary

Vote: 0

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