Salary Equity Update

The faculty senate executive officers met with the provost’s team on December 15, 2022, and asked for an update on the salary equity process. The intent of the process this year was to identify salaries that were more than a standard deviation below the mean and to raise them to at least that level. In units with too few faculty to calculate the standard deviation, departments and colleges benchmarked against reasonable comparison salaries to calculate raises. The Provost’s Office had one million dollars to work with.

In this round, there will be approximately 250 faculty raises, ranging from $1,000 to $19,500. Raises will be effective January 16, 2023 and will show up in the February 10 paychecks. In the spring, the Provost’s Office will present more detailed descriptive data on our website and other communications.

This year’s experience is the first step in an incremental process to reduce salary inequities for faculty. The longer-term intention is to address the broader range of inequities (including, for example, compression, cross-campus differences, etc.).  The exercise provided useful insights that will inform changes to the process in future years.

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Christine Horne
Faculty Senate Chair

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