Follow up on the Staff Recruitment & Retention Survey

Dear colleagues:

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee conducted an informal, qualitative survey (Dec-Jan) to collect information about challenges that faculty face with staff recruitment and retention. I distilled the information from this survey to produce the following 2021 – 2022 Internal Report (PDF). We delivered the report to the President and Provost in January and on February 22, 2022, we met with HRS representatives in conjunction with our meeting with the President and Provost.

A key take-home message from this meeting is that if you are encountering problems with recruitment and retention efforts, contact Lisa Gehring or Theresa Elliot-Cheslek by email or by phone at 509-335-4521 so they can address your specific concerns. Furthermore, HRS is launching a new “Administrative Professional Enhanced Compensation Plan” in Workday that will increase transparency of these processes and better account for details including salary range for different position classifications and geographic location.

HRS provided the following response to the six main points derived from the Faculty Senate survey (PDF). Photo of Faculty Senate Chair, Doug CallThank you for considering this information.

Douglas Call, Faculty Senate Chair

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