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Dear Colleagues:

During the constituent concern segment of the February 3rd Faculty Senate meeting, we discussed the perennial challenges of tracking paperwork through the committee review process. We agree that it is a challenge, but there are also a multitude of moving parts, a lack of standardized nomenclature, and different requirements for different reviews. Given the bandwidth of the Faculty Senate Office (Chair, 0.5 FTE; Chair-elect 0.25 FTE; Past Chair 0.25 FTE; Executive Secretary, 0.5 FTE; Principal Assistant 0.5 FTE), and the fact that all of our faculty members working on committees are volunteering their time and effort, there is only so much that we can do. Nevertheless, there are two very useful resources available to faculty.

  1. We maintain an agenda item tracking list and a degree tracking list on the Faculty Senate website:
  2. The Registrar’s Office has recently assembled an extremely useful curriculum home page that includes a description of the materials that are needed for different curricular needs, and a description of the review processes that are involved:

If all else fails and something needs to be verified, faculty are welcome to reach out to the senate chair or committee chairs to locate items that may have fallen through the cracks Photo of Faculty Senate Chair, Doug Call(see


Douglas Call, Faculty Senate Chair

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