Mask Distribution at WSU & COVID Funding

Dear Colleagues:

At the January 20th Faculty Senate meeting, a question arose about the fate of the WSU strategic stockpile of KN95 masks. I checked with our Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communications, Hailey Rupp, and she indicated that the original stock of 4,800 masks have already been distributed. Please contact me if you want a copy of the distribution information, but suffice to say, the masks were passed to COVID coordinators in multiple colleges and administrative units including units in Spokane, Vancouver, Everett and the Tri-Cities.

Another question was raised about an accounting of COVID-19 relief funding that WSU has received. There have been three distributions of federal funds. Stacy Pearson, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, provided an earlier accounting of the first distribution. She is in the process of preparing a summary for how all three distributions were expended, and she expects this to be available by late February. The Faculty Senate Executive Committee will work with Stacy to determine how to best convey this information to the senate during this Photo of Faculty Senate Chair, Doug Callsemester.



Douglas Call, Faculty Senate Chair

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