The Faculty Affairs Committee has created a proposal to create a process for addressing university budget crises through faculty furloughs and/or salary reductions.

Please Note:

  • This is NOT a proposal to impose faculty salary reductions or furloughs.
  • This is a proposal to develop a PROCESS by which, in certain defined circumstances (i.e. budgetary crises) and with specific expectations, the WSU administration might propose faculty salary reductions and/or furloughs for a defined period of no more than 1 (one) year. No salary reductions or furloughs would be enacted through the proposed process without Faculty Senate approval.

The Faculty Senate Steering Committee requested Faculty Affairs Committee develop this proposal as a proactive measure to address a budget crisis should such steps become necessary. We are now seeking comments. Faculty Affairs Committee Members, in conjunction with Senate Steering, will be scheduling Zoom Town Hall meetings to gather input.

Faculty Affairs Committee – Budget Crisis Management Draft Proposal


Please provide comments by February 18th by the end of the day. Please be constructive.

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