New Grading Policy – No Record COVID

No Record COVID (NRC)

At the request of Provost Chilton, on November 19, 2020 WSU Faculty Senate passed a new temporary grading policy called No Record Covid (NRC) that may be applied retroactively fall 2020 and spring 2021, after grades post. With this new temporary policy, students may elect to covert letter grades of C-, D+, D, F, and W to NRC.


We recognize that remote learning can be challenging for students as you try to balance other roles and responsibilities. In addition, we recognize that not all students have reliable access to the internet, stable housing, family support, and other key resources right now.
We hope this policy alleviates some of the anxiety students may be feeling about their academic performance during this challenging semester. The NRC grade allows courses to be excluded from calculations of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) for federal and state financial aid purposes per section 3509 of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Scope and workflow

  • Faculty assign letter grades as usual.
  • Students may elect to change C-, D+, D, F, and W to NRC grades to NRC (No Record, COVID) once final grades are posted.
  • Students may elect to change W grades already awarded Fall 2020 or spring 2021 to NRC.
  • An NRC grade would function like extending the withdrawal deadline, but unlike such an extension, would not leave a potentially prejudicial transcript notation (W), replacing it instead with the neutral NRC.
  • NRC provides no credit.
  • NRC will not count toward the W limit.
  • NRC will not count toward the number of allowed repeat attempts.
  • Students may elect the NRC grade for all undergraduate and graduate courses unless an exception has been approved by the Provost’s Office.
  • Students taking courses in the professional health science careers of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine are excluded from choosing the NRC grade option; students in the online MBA program are also excluded.

Complete information on the NRC grade is linked below. Students wishing to request a grade change may do so between 12/23/2020 and 1/6/21 at the site linked below. The WSU Registrar will make grade changes based on student requests. :

If students have questions, please encourage them to speak with their advisor.


4 comments on "New Grading Policy – No Record COVID"
  1. Why is the end date for such 1/6/21? The semester does not start until 1/19/21. It should be a week later, so 1/13/21 to give more time to students.

    1. Hi AG, the reason is that there needs to be some time in advance of the semester for the academic reinstatement processes to be run before classes begin. If the NRC date is pushed later, students run the risk of not being able to progress as expected because their grades as posted place them in one category or another of academic deficiency.

  2. What effect will this have on financial aid if you claim NRC for all classes? will you have to pay back what was received?

  3. In what ways does an NRC affect financial aid if applying an NRC to a single class drops you below the full-time student credit req?

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