Tracks and Titles

Tracks and Titles Town Hall

February 4, 2019, 3:00-4:00 PM


Senate leadership has been working with various administrative units on campus to improve the Tracks and Titles portion the Faculty Manual for non-tenure track faculty.  The draft document is linked below.

Draft Tracks and Titles Document (pdf)

To gather as many voices as possible, we are hosting a town hall.  In addition to the meeting locations listed below, this event will be live streamed.


  • Pullman:  CUE 518; hosts – Judi McDonald and Denise Yost
  • Vancouver: VECS 120; facilitated by Michael Berger
  • Tri-Cities:  CIC 125T; facilitated by Sarah Tragesser
  • Spokane:  SNRS 119; facilitated by Celestina Barbosa-Leiker


We understand that Tracks and Titles is a sensitive issue.  The draft document linked above is just the beginning of a process aimed at making positive changes for our faculty.  As we move forward, we hope to follow a consensus model where our goal is to agree to support changes that improve the current model while acknowledging that not every stakeholder will be completely satisfied.  We envision that improving Tracks and Titles will continue in ensuing years.  If you have concerns or comments, please keep them constructive with concrete suggestions for changes.  You may either voice your concerns at this Town Hall or use the form below:

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