Distinguished Faculty Address Committee


  • To select members of the faculty distinguished by excellence in scholarship, teaching, and research for the signal honor of being invited to deliver a Distinguished Faculty Address to the University community, and to make all necessary arrangements for the presentation of such addresses.
  • To appoint working subcommittees, which may include members not on the parent committee, as necessary to accomplish its function. The membership of these subcommittees shall be chosen so as to assure broad representation from constituencies of the Faculty Senate.

Composition and Tenure

  • Six faculty. Three chosen by the Office of the Provost and three chosen by the Faculty Senate. (F)
  • One graduate student, with a one-year term (renewable). (G)

Additional Notes

  • Chair elected by the Committee.
  • Responsible to: Faculty Senate and the provost and executive vice president.
  • Reports to: Faculty Senate and the provost and executive vice president.

Committee Membership

Faculty Members

Committee Chair John Roll

Professor & Vice Dean for Research
ESFCOM, Spokane
2021 – 2024

Tariq Akmal

Department Chair – Teaching & Learning
COE, Pullman
2022 – 2025

Jim Krueger

Regents Professor
CVM, Pullman
2022 – 2025

Christine Portfors

Professor & Vice Chancellor
COE, Vancouver / Tri-Cities
2020 – 2023

Keri McCarthy

Professor & Director
CAS School of Music, Pullman
2022 – 2025

Joan Wu

CAHNRS BSE, Puyallup Research & Extension Office
2022 – 2025

Student Members


Graduate Student

Administrative Members

Haylee Hansen

Provost Office Support

Anna Schilter

Faculty Senate Support