The new OneWSU org chart has 4 administrators with new “expanded” roles. It seems obvious that some or all of these will have to be duplicated in the future to separate their responsibilities. For example, certainly it would not seem appropriate for the VP for Research for the whole system to also be the Vice Chancellor of research for the Pullman campus. Overall this will lead to yet another new group of highly paid administrators just for the purpose of more efficient oversight? I would imagine that the Pullman Chancellor and Provost position will also get split in the near future, further increasing the amount of administrative bloat. We’ve lost many, many faculty across the university due to retirements and poaching over the last several years and have not been able to rehire due to system-wide financial problems, but our response from our administration is to reorganize with the probable addition of even more administrators. I guess that will help us do even more with less? How about instead, put together some significant hiring plans for tenure-track faculty without a lot of strings attached that puts departments back on firm footing again.

Kirk Peterson, WSU Pullman