Senator Weller has chosen NOT to propose an amendment to the current proposal.  You can see his emailed comments regarding this below (provided with his permission).

From: R. Charles Weller
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 6:14 PM
Subject: Re: Faculty manual revisions

After further consideration, I do not wish to make any separate, individual proposal for further revisions to the current T&A proposal which Steve and the FAC have put together. My understanding of ‘Discussion’ is that we as senators discuss the issue and, when we consider it appropriate, suggest further reworking of the proposal which is up for ‘Discussion’. I followed Fac Sen protocol, keeping my ultimate focus upon the T&A issues within Fac Sen and not individual unit or dept issues, though individual unit and dept issues necessarily remain a part of the year-long evaluation process, serving as potential reasons to reconsider and revise the Fac Man further if deemed necessary in light of those developments. This was clearly articulated by Judi McDonald and the Fac Sen when we voted to pass the revisions in Apr 2019. I made my suggestion in the Fac Sen mtg and Steve explained why it would not be feasible (at least at this present juncture). I accept that in full respect of Steve and the FAC as well as the majority of my colleagues in the faculty senate. I very much appreciate and respect the hard work which my valued colleagues in FAC have put into this difficult, complex matter (though that in itself should never serve as the reason for passing a proposal). I have no desire to try to work around or against the FAC. I will continue working together with Steve, the FAC and the Senate as a fellow member of the senate to ‘Discuss’, propose any further potentially beneficial, justifiable revisions, and eventually vote for or against them. — In joint service, Charles Weller

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