Faculty Senate Agenda: November 17, 2022


The Faculty Senate will meet Thursday, November 17, 2022 via Zoom at 3:30 p.m. Please note: Senators are the only members allowed to vote and should be logged into Zoom. Non-voting members and community members are not able to vote, and should not respond to prompts to participate in Faculty Senate Zoom polls.

Non-voting participants & community members not interacting with the speakers are encouraged to view the Faculty Senate meeting through the YouTube stream.

Join Zoom Meeting

You may access the Faculty Senate YouTube Stream Link here.

If you need assistance with Zoom, please email zoom.support@wsu.edu. Please request help well before the senate meeting as this support service will be busy.

Guest Presentation: Graduate School & Professional Programs (PDF)
  • Tammy Barry, Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Education


  1. Call to Order.
  2. Approval of Minutes from the November 3, 2022 Faculty Senate Meeting (PDF).
  3. Announcements
    1. Information Items
      1. The Faculty Senate will report to the Board of Regents on November 18th, 2022.
      2. Faculty Senate Officers will meet with university leadership on November 28th, 2022.
      3. (Item #2022.11.17_247_Provost) WSU Pullman – Admissions Review Process (Exhibit 247A).
      4. (Item #2022.11.17_248_Steering) Proposal to Redesignate the Doctor of Nursing Practice from a Graduate to Professional Degree Program (Exhibit 248A 248B 248C).
      5. (Item #2022.11.17_249_Steering) Proposal to change the name of the Department of Fine Arts (Exhibit 249A 249B 249C).
      6. (Item #2022.11.17_250_GSC) Correction to the PPPA bylaws to eliminate the Masters of Public Administration (250A *Formerly exhibit 238B).
      7. (Item #2022.11.17_251_EPPM) Notice to add EPPM 30 regarding First Day (Exhibit 251A).
      8. (Item #2022.11.17_252_EPPM) Notice of revisions to EPPM 5 (Exhibit 252A).
    2. Reports
      1. Remarks by Faculty Senate Chair, Christine Horne
        1. Faculty Senate Concerns & Activities Table 11.17.22 (PDF).
  4. Additions or changes to the agenda
  5. Agenda Items
    1. Action items
      1. (Item #2022.11.03_233_AE&SA) Rule 38B Extension Request (Exhibit 233A 233B). -B. Davis
      2. (Item #2022.11.03_232_Ad Hoc) Request from the Senate Floor: Return to In-Person / Hybrid Faculty Senate Meetings Proposal (Exhibit 232A). -A. Goodman
      3. (Item #2022.11.03_231_Registrar) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 2 (Exhibit 231A).
      4. (Item #2022.11.03_234_AAC) Proposal to Establish Rule 60, Student Vaccination Requirements (Exhibit 234A). -P. Sekhar
      5. (Item #2022.11.03_235_AAC) Undergraduate &  Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 4 (Exhibit 235A 235B). -P. Sekhar
      6. (Item #2022.11.03_236_Registrar) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 4 (Exhibit 236A).
      7. (Item #2022.11.03_239_GSC) Recommended Approval of the non-thesis MA in Political Science (Exhibit 239A 239B). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
      8. (Item #2022.11.03_240_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Supply Chain Management, Certificate (Exhibit 240A 240B 240C).  -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
      9. (Item #2022.11.03_241_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Bioinformatics, Certificate (Exhibit 241A 241B 241C). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
      10. (Item #2022.11.03_243_AAC) Undergraduate & Professional Major Change Bulletin No. 5. (Exhibit 243A 243B). -P. Sekhar
      11. (Item #2022.10.20_229_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Energy Conscious Construction Certificate (Exhibit 229A 229B 229C). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
    2. Discussion Items
      1. (Item #2022.11.17_244_GSC) Recommended Approval of the Applied Measurement & Quantitative Methods Certificate (Exhibit 244A 244B).  -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
      2. (Item #2022.11.17_245_GSC) Revised Graduate Plan for MS Software Engineering (Exhibit 245A 245B). -E. Nicol / G. Wayman
      3. (Item #2022.11.17_246_Catalog) Graduate Major Change Bulletin No. 5 (Exhibit 246A).
      4. (Item #2022.11.17_253_CoC) Recommendation of New Graduate Studies Committee Member, Ruth Gregory (Exhibit 253A). -E. Shelden
  6. Constituent Concerns
  7. Meeting Adjourned


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