While WSU has implemented a variety of accommodations to help students succeed during this difficult semester, very little has been implemented for career-track faculty with heavy teaching loads that have suddenly become much heavier. The university should consider an extension for the final grade submission deadline. Some career-track faculty have a teaching load of five classes with enrollments of up to 40 students per course without grading support. Additionally, we have been encouraged to use alternatives to multiple-choice exams to limit proctoring costs, and to be lenient with students who need additional time or resources. Career-track faculty with the highest teaching loads are disproportionately women, who are statistically likely to disproportionately bear caregiving and educational responsibilities at home while daycares and schools are closed, as well as higher expectations of emotional support from students. These faculty members do not benefit from the tenure clock extension, which is the only university-level response offered to faculty so far. This teaching workload crisis requires a university-level response. A extension for final grade submission would also benefit graduate students who teach classes, another group that has stepped up to fill teaching needs across the university as positions were left unfilled in recent years to meet fiscal health goals.