Online courses killing face to face classes

This semester, when I try to check course enrollments for the Pullman campuses, 75% of the time, I am immediately directed to global campus offerings. Though I understand that students deserve the option, the automatic re-direct is killing face to face classes. Please make changes so students can see all options when they click on “wsu course schedule.”


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  1. From Rebecca Van de Vord, Assistant Vice President of AOI:

    When a student goes to the schedule of classes through MyWSU, they select their home campus as those are the only courses they can enroll in, and those are the courses they see. If the department has blended courses with online, those will show as well. Students can select other campuses to see what courses are out there, but they cannot enroll in courses on any but their own home campus.

    Bottom line, nothing is re-directing students to online. Students cannot enroll in an online course unless their department has set it up as a blended course (or they are a Global Campus student), and this is entirely a departmental decision.

    For further information, please contact Rebecca at

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