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Washington State University
Washington State University Response to Constituent Concern 12.17.2020

Constituent Concern logged on December 16, 2020. Work Day

Per Theresa Elliot-Cheslek on December 17, 2020:

Gender and Gender Identity are separate fields in Workday.

Under Personal Information, there is a Gender field (at the top of the page) and a Gender Identity field (at the bottom of the page)

The Gender field is used for required state and federal reporting as well as, state benefits reporting. We are unable to modify these fields.  The choices are: Female, Male, X-Identifies as Female, X-Identifies as Male.

These fields match the fields in myWSU for gender.  Institutional Research was consulted on IPEDS/Federal and State reporting requirements.  WSU is required to report all students and employees in binary groups.

Gender Identity is a separate field with the choices outlined below.  The identities were determined in collaboration with Matthew Jefferies- Director of Gender Identity, Expression and Sexual Orientation.