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Washington State University
Washington State University Chair Elect 2019 2020

Nominee for Chair-Elect 2019/2020

Professor David Turnbull

Candidate Statement on Prior Service

  • Member, Provost’s Advisory Committee for Tenure and Promotion (Fall 2017–Fall 2019) Chair, Subcommittee (Fall 2018)
  • Member, Advisory Committee on Organization of the Arts, to develop a proposal for more coordinated activities among the applied, fine, performing, and visual arts at WSU. (Spring 2017–Spring 2018)
  • Member, Committee on WSU Admissions Policy for Dual Credit Programs, to develop a university admissions policy for dual credit programs: College in the High School and Running Start (Fall 2016–Spring 2017)
  • Member, Digital Measures Committee, Faculty Activity Tracking with Activity Insight–Pilot Review and System-Wide Implementation, an oversight committee to guide the implementation of an activity tracking system to replace the WORQS system currently in use at WSU (Fall 2015–Spring 2016)
  • Member, Faculty Hearing Committee Panel for the Faculty Status Committee (Fall 2015–present)
  • Chair, Academic Grade Appeals Board (Fall 2015–Spring 2017)
  • Member, WSU Athletics Council (Fall 2014–present)
  • Member, WSU Showcase Steering Committee (Fall 2004–present)
  • Member, WSU Faculty Senate (Fall 2008–Spring 2014)
  • Parliamentarian (Fall 2012-present)
  • Past Chair (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)
  • Attended Coalition of PAC-12 Faculties Meeting—Hosted by University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT (October 20, 2012)
  • Attended Coalition of PAC-12 Faculties Meeting—Hosted by WSU, Seattle, WA (April 14, 2012)
  • Chair (Fall 2011–Spring 2012)
  • Chair, Committee on Committees
  • Attended PAC-12 Faculty Governance Leaders Meeting, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, helped start the Coalition of PAC-12 Faculties (October 15 & 16, 2011)
  • Candidate for Chair-Elect, Spring 2011
  • Candidate for Chair-Elect, Spring 2010
  • Invited to Participate in the WSU Provost’s Faculty Leadership Academy (Fall 2010–Spring 2016)
  • Member, Academic Integrity Hearing Board (Summer 2016)
  • Member, Academic Grade Appeals Board (Fall 2011–Fall 2014)
  • Member, Selection Committee, Sahlin Faculty Excellence Award for Research, Scholarship and Arts—Leadership/Outreach & Engagement (Fall 2011–Spring 2014)
  • Member, WSU Faculty Affairs Committee (Fall 2010–Spring 2014)
  • University Strategic Planning Review Committee (Fall 2013)
  • University Strategic Planning Committee—Themes 2 & 4 (Spring 2013)
  • Member, WSU Provost’s Distinguished Faculty Address Selection Committee (Fall 2012)
  • Outside Evaluator for Two Honors College Faculty Promotion Recommendations (Spring 2017)
  • Member, College of Arts and Sciences Promotion and Tenure Review Committee (Fall 2013)
  • Member, College of Liberal Arts Faculty-Staff Budget Reduction Advisory Committee (Spring 2010)
  • Member, College of Liberal Arts Research Advisory Committee (Fall 2007) (Fall 2004 – Spring 2005)


  • Chair, NASM Committee (Fall 2018–present)
  • Chair, Promotion and Tenure Mentoring Committee (Fall 2018–present)
  • Member, Scholarship Committee (Fall 2001–present)
  • Coordinator, MUS 352/354 (Fall 2016–present)
  • Coordinator, Phase I Scholarship Auditions (Spring 2016)
  • Member, Music Education Committee (Fall 2009–present)
  • Advisor, Northwest Trumpet Guild, Affiliate Student Chapter of The International Trumpet Guild (1994–present)
  • Coordinator, Student Chamber Music Concerts (1996–2011)
  • Member, Administrative Cabinet (Fall 2001–Spring 2002)
  • Member, Music Faculty Advisory Committee (Fall 2001–Spring 2002) (Fall 1998–Spring 1999)
  • Member, Recruiting Task Force (Fall 2001–Spring 2002)
  • Member, Kimbrough Hall Rededication Committee (Fall 2001–Spring 2002)
  • Artistic Director, WSU 2001 Performing Arts Gala (Fall 2000–Spring 2001)
  • Coordinator, MUS 252/254 Applied Theory (Fall 2000–Spring 2001)

Candidate Statement on Commitment to Service

I will commit fully to the service load associated with faculty senate leadership. I believe my previous work as chair of the senate speaks for itself.

Candidate Statement on Multi-Campus Shared Governance

Again, I believe my previous work as chair exemplifies my vision for Washington State University—one campus, geographically dispersed, that supports and exercises the right to academic freedom for all faculty regardless of where they happen to work.

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