The following is an update from Dan Nordquist in the Office of Research Support and Operations based on our April 2019 Town Hall.  Please comment on any or all parts of this update and we will forward.

I just wanted to let you know that I got the next round of updates in and posted on our Faculty Senate Town Hall “report card” document.  It is now live on the website, and here is a direct link:  Updates include:


  1. “Clarify policy deadline times for eREX processing in BPPM 40.02” moved to Complete, as the revised BPPM was posted in August.
  2. “ORSO leadership to train new Proposal Manager to create consistent processes and training among new employees” moved to Complete.  Matt has his team fully staffed and trained consistently across all positions.
  3. “Incrementally, as resources are made available, move from classified staff positions to A/P positions” updated to Ongoing and In Process vs. Pending.  We have one civil service position now upgraded to AP.
  4. “ORSO and Office of Commercialization are combining contracting FTE to create an OR Contracting team.  This team will focus on complex agreements and support the Grant and Contract Coordinators as needed during negotiations of less complicated agreements.” moved from Pending to In Process.  The Contracts Manager position is posted and our AP Coordinator position is hired.  Previously these had been waiting on HRS for approval.
  5. “Customer satisfaction survey every two years” moved to Complete.  As you saw, we launched the survey yesterday and I have scheduled reminders to resurrect every two years.
  6. On the other end, I moved forward a couple “Key Dates” that needed adjustment.