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Faculty Senate Senate Blog
  • Allegations of gender bias/Whitman County Watch

    Dear Faculty Senate and Senate Steering,
    Most of you are likely aware of the allegations that former provost Mitzi Montoya was the victim of gender bias.  These allegations are outlined in the recent news article in the Whitman County Watch ( Faculty senate leadership spoke with President Schulz, who has authorized an external investigation into these allegations. Faculty Senate is also working to understand the context of emails obtained by FOIA requests. One such email details a conversation between Mitzi Montoya and Vice Provost Parks referencing other multi-campus university structure (email linked here:  The white paper … » More …

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  • ORSO / Spring Research Town Hall Update

    The following is an update from Dan Nordquist in the Office of Research Support and Operations based on our April 2019 Town Hall.  Please comment on any or all parts of this update and we will forward.

    I just wanted to let you know that I got the next round of updates in and posted on our Faculty Senate Town Hall “report card” document.  It is now live on the website, and here is a direct link:  Updates include:


    “Clarify policy deadline times for eREX processing in BPPM 40.02” moved to Complete, as the revised BPPM was posted in … » More …

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  • Senate Blog

    Welcome to our new Faculty Senate blog. We will use it to update faculty on broad-reaching issues and events. To start things off for fall 2019, we have three blog entries:

    an update of summer news and projects,
    a separate blog post that addresses the recent faculty pay raise, and
    an update on the strategic planning process.

    As pressing issues arise during the year, we will push information to the faculty with the blog.

    You may email any of us or comment on any post for more information. For more specific issues, please continue to use the “constituent concerns” form on this … » More …

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  • Fall 2019 Senate Update

    To start the year off right, senate leadership pledges to operate with transparency, respect, and civility. We may have some difficult issues to discuss this year as we continue to evolve faculty manual policy (see below). We ask that on this issue, and all others, we focus on policy, encourage respectful discourse (including dissent), and recognize that we are all doing our best to improve the life of faculty and the operation of WSU through shared governance. For those issues that require extended discussion, we will continue to use Town Halls.

    We recognize the heavy load that WSU faculty bear, especially those in service roles. … » More …

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  • Canvas LMS Pilot Update

    ITS, AOI, and Faculty Senate worked together to establish a pilot test of the Canvas LMS in summer 2019. We are currently running an expanded pilot test with 1000 FTE student users fall 2019 with staged increases in FTEs each semester.  By fall semester 2021, Canvas is expected to replace Blackboard.

    This switch from Blackboard to Canvas was based on extensive faculty and student feedback as well as our inability to correct known Blackboard issues.  On this last point, we have worked with ITS to develop My.WSU integrations so that, for example, all mid-term and final grades to be directly ported from Canvas to … » More …

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  • Strategic Planning – Faculty Involvement

    I have been representing faculty senate on the Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (SPIEC), which is charged with crafting the university’s new five year plan.  As part of this effort, SPIEC has reviewed feedback from provost-sponsored listening sessions, the recent WSU Land Grant Symposium, a pilot survey administered this summer, and an all-university survey that closed September 17th.  The next important event is an all-day, all-university strategic planning Visioning Conference on Monday, October 28.

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    At this event, the university community will start crafting a representative and actionable strategic plan.  All members of the WSU … » More …

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  • Faculty Raises

    Given the confusion surrounding the recent announcement on faculty salary increases, I asked Stacy Pearson to provide more information.  Her response is below.

    The state legislature did authorize a 3 percent increase for all employees. However, they provided some funding (approx. $7M of the $12M needed) and estimated that the University could make up the remaining $5M with tuition. However, that projected tuition revenue will not be realized for FY20. Since the 3 percent increase for classified staff is mandated, we calculated what could be funded with the remaining state funds, plus about $400k in new tuition revenue. That is how we came up with … » More …

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