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  • WSU Budget Crisis Management Proposal

    The Faculty Affairs Committee has created a proposal to create a process for addressing university budget crises through faculty furloughs and/or salary reductions.

    Please Note:

    This is NOT a proposal to impose faculty salary reductions or furloughs.
    This is a proposal to develop a PROCESS by which, in certain defined circumstances (i.e. budgetary crises) and with specific expectations, the WSU administration might propose faculty salary reductions and/or furloughs for a defined period of no more than 1 (one) year. No salary reductions or furloughs would be enacted through the proposed process without Faculty Senate approval.

    The Faculty Senate <a ... » More …

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  • Faculty Senate ad hoc committee response to athletic funding


    On December 15, 2020, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee formed an ad hoc committee to formalize a statement to the Board of Regents concerning the proposal that 2-3 million dollars be diverted from unallocated university funds in order to support athletics. This ad hoc committee has produced a statement that is now open for signing.

    Ad Hoc Committee membership

    Von Walden, Professor, Pullman (Chair)

    John Barber, Vancouver

    Caitlin Bletscher, Vancouver

    Matt Carol, Pullman

    Glen Duncan, Spokane

    Kelly Farnsworth, Pullman

    Heiko Jansen, Pullman

    Doreen Main, Pullman

    Luke Premo, Pullman

    Statement to the WSU’s Board of Regents


    Ad Hoc Committee Statement

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  • January 22 2021 Board of Regents Retreat

    Dear Faculty,

    I have posted the Notice for the January 22, 2021 Board of Regents retreat on the Faculty Senate site. The retreat will be in executive session from 8:00 am to 8:30 am on January 22, 2021. Following this, the meeting will be streamed on YouTube. Please note that the white paper will be the focus of the retreat. Please use the comments below to provide feedback that I may convey to the Board of Regents

    YouTube Link
    ONEWSU White Paper

    Greg Crouch

    Faculty Representative to the WSU Board of Regents.

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  • President’s Response to Athletics Spending

    Dear Colleagues,

    On November 10, 2020, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee published a blog post outlining a proposal by the university to the Board of Regents to help fund athletics as part of a fiscal recovery plan. President Schulz has read your responses to this proposal and will address them in the senate tomorrow, December 10th. Along with President Schulz, VP Stacy Pearson will also present the athletics recovery plan.

    The president has provided several documents that should be read in advance of this presentation. Links to these documents are provided below:

    Link to November Blog Post
    <a href="" ... » More …

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  • New Grading Policy – No Record COVID

    No Record COVID (NRC)

    At the request of Provost Chilton, on November 19, 2020 WSU Faculty Senate passed a new temporary grading policy called No Record Covid (NRC) that may be applied retroactively fall 2020 and spring 2021, after grades post. With this new temporary policy, students may elect to covert letter grades of C-, D+, D, F, and W to NRC.

    Complete FAQ Link


    We recognize that remote learning can be challenging for students as you try to balance other roles and responsibilities. In addition, we recognize that not all students have reliable access to the internet, stable … » More …

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  • Athletics Budget Discussion Board of Regents

    Dear Colleagues,

    As many of you know, the athletics budget will be presented as a future action item at the upcoming Board of Regents meeting on November 12 and 13. As a future action item, it will not be put to vote but will be discussed. Linked below is the memo and related materials. In summary, this discussion will be predicated on the validity of the following assumptions:


    The following assumptions regarding the WSU Regents, President and leadership commitment to intercollegiate athletics support the financial options recommended below. Changes to these assumptions will change the recommended financial options.

    WSU’s affiliation with a top-level … » More …

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  • Proposed changes to duration of immigration visas

    Since the 1980’s, the U.S. has implemented a temporary admission policy for foreign students (F visa), exchange visitors (J visa) and media representatives (I visa). This has been a “duration of status” policy, allowing flexibility in the duration of stay according to the terms and conditions of the temporary visas rather than according to fixed periods of time. As an example, if a student needs five years to complete a degree, this can be accommodated.

    On September 25th, 2020, the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agencies published a proposed rule entitled, “Establishing a Fixed Time Period of Admission and an … » More …

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  • Threshold for overtime pay is going up

    Colleagues – I want to alert you to new over-time eligible salary thresholds that have been adopted by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. You will see from the attached chart that the threshold for employees, including postdoctoral fellows, to be overtime-eligible will climb from $35,100 at present to $49,831 on January 1st. This will be followed by significant jumps every two years for a final threshold of $78,624 on January 1st, 2028. The threshold is important because if an eligible employee is paid less than the stated threshold, he/she is eligible to claim overtime pay.

    A couple of points:

    WSU, UW, … » More …

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  • Washington State Revenue Forecast Sep 23 2020

    Below is the link to the updated Washington State revenue forecast per President Schulz for the September 24th 2020 Faculty Senate meeting.

    Link Here

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  • Request from Provost Chilton – Spring 2021 Academic Calendar Revision

    UPDATE: Provost Chilton has provided the following revised memo to address faculty concerns. Given the significance and timing of this recommendation, we will conduct a vote using Zoom chat on Thursday, October 8, 2020. For those senators calling in, we will use a roll vote after we tally the chat responses.

    Updated memo version 2

    On September 24, Faculty Senate Executive Committee received the following memo from Provost Chilton requesting an amendment to the spring 2021 academic calendar to help meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been introduced as a discussion item to Faculty Senate with the … » More …

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  • Request from James Krueger

    Professor James M. Krueger submitted the following document to Faculty Senate Executive Committee for discussion and comment.

    UPDATE November 10, 2020: This document and all faculty comments were presented to President Schulz on October 27, 2020. We requested President Schulz provide an official response, which we received today and is linked below.

    President Schulz Response to James Krueger Proposal

    Whereas chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a common condition caused by playing football and is associated with life-long brain damage and cognitive disabilities.

    Whereas as an institution of higher education our highest goal is to enhance the cognitive abilities of our students.

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  • Executive Policy 2 Draft

    UPDATE From Doug Call October 21, 2020:

    Chris Keane, VP for Research, has released a revised draft for the new Executive Policy #2 (EP2). We are providing a link to the policy here. One significant change from the last draft is that there will be no changes to current practices for F&A distribution to the college and departments. That is, this will remain 8%/15% Dean/Chair. Dr. Keane is speaking to the Faculty Senate on Thursday, October 22. A primary focus of his presentation will be about changes to EP2 that enhance strategic planning and transparency for how funds are expended from the 77% allocation. Many … » More …

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  • Increased demand on faculty during COVID 19 remote work

    Link to Memo

    Over the summer, a memo signed by 123 faculty and staff members from across the WSU system was sent to WSU leadership, with the hope that some policies and changes could be instituted to help faculty navigate the ongoing increased labor demands that have come with COVID-19. The memo posted here is the same as the memo sent to administrators, with the exception of two minor errors that have been corrected. The intention was to circulate the memo quickly and submit it in a timely manner. As there was no discussion of or understanding that the memo would … » More …

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  • Roles and Responsibilities Report

    Faculty Senate was provided with the System Roles and Responsibilities report linked below. Please take the time to carefully read this report. Dean Chip Hunter chaired this group. AG Rud served as faculty representative. Additional members included Laura Griner-Hill (Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Affairs), Theresa Elliot Cheslek (Vice President Human Resource Services), and Sandra Haynes (Chancellor Tri-Cities). Susan Finerty consulted.

    Report Link (pdf)

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