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Faculty Senate Honorary Doctoral Degree Nomination

Honorary Doctoral Degree Nomination

  • Please complete the following form in order to nominate potential recipients for an honorary doctoral degree from Washington State University. All nominations will be reviewed by the President's Honorary Doctoral Degrees Committee. Nominees should not be informed that they are under consideration. Recipients of honorary degrees may not hold a degree from WSU and may not receive the degree in consideration of monetary payments or giving of any type of property according to RCW 28B.30.150 (15). The Honorary Doctoral Degree Committee will review nomination materials and request additional information if necessary. Materials for nominees recommended by the Committee are simultaneously forwarded to the Faculty Senate and President for consideration. If both the Faculty Senate and President recommend a nominee, the materials are submitted to the Board of Regents for a final decision.

  • Please provide the names and contact information for three people who have direct knowledge of the nominee and his or her accomplishments.
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