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Washington State University
Washington State University 2021 Election Calendar and Nomination Form

2021 Election Calendar and Nomination Form


Election of Chair-Elect Timetable

Procedural stepWhen it occurs2022 dates
Dates and procedures announcedSecond Faculty Senate meetingFebruary 3
Formal nominations due to Executive Secretary 1,25 PM Tuesday before third meetingFebruary 15
Candidates announcedThird meetingFebruary 17
Ballots sent to senatorsFriday after third meetingFebruary 18
Ballots due5 PM Tuesday before fifth meetingMarch 22
Ballots read and counted by Executive Secretary and ASWSU PresidentWednesday before fifth meetingMarch 23
Chair-elect or need for second round 3 announcedFifth meetingMarch 24
2nd round ballots distributedFriday after fifth meetingMarch 25
2nd round ballots due5 PM Tuesday before sixth meetingApril 5
2nd round ballots read and counted by Executive Secretary and ASWSU PresidentWednesday before sixth meetingApril 6
Chair-elect announcedSixth meetingApril 7

1Eligibility for Nomination

From Article III, Section 2 of the Faculty Senate Constitution:

The chair-elect of the Faculty Senate shall be elected by the membership* of the Faculty Senate from among those individuals who are currently a senator, parliamentarian, or a faculty member (as defined by “Appointment Status” in Article II, Section 5) of any Faculty Senate sponsored committee or have served in one of these positions within the previous four years. The chair-elect shall assume the duties of the chair in the absence of the chair.

*i.e., both continuing senators and those whose terms are expiring are eligible to vote in this election

2Statement and CV

 Chair-Elect Nominees (self-nomination is permitted) are requested to prepare a statement outlining their background and goals for their term as an officer of the Faculty Senate.  This statement and a copy of their CV will be posted to the Faculty Senate website; submitting them constitutes formal acceptance of the nomination.  These documents are to be submitted by the time formal nominations are due (5 PM on Tuesday before the third Faculty Senate meeting in spring semester).

3Second round

 The italicized entries in the table occur if a second round is needed, i.e., if no candidate has a majority of the votes cast in the first round or if fewer than 40% of senators vote.  The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the first round move on to the second round of voting.

From Article III, Section 4 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws:

All elections of officers shall take place by a majority of those present and voting. If no candidate secures a majority, a run-off election shall be conducted between the two candidates with the highest number of votes.

This application closed at 5:00pm, on February 15 2022.