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General University Classroom Committee

Update 08-24-15


  1. Reviews annual classroom utilization statistics (those rooms scheduled through the Registrar). Evaluates long and short-term impacts of adding or deleting rooms designated as General University Classrooms (GUCs). Considerations include, but are not limited to, 10 Year Capital Plans, availability of maintenance and equipment funding, service and technological requirements, room scheduling, and external reporting statistics (including performance measures). Takes action based on committee evaluations.

  2. Reviews annual General University Classroom physical audit completed by Academic Media Services (AMS). Reviews complaints and suggestions from AMS on-line survey results and other sources. Formulates plans to systematically refurbish, equip, and maintain GUCs and prepares requests for biennial funding. Prioritizes available funding and implements maintenance and upgrade plans. Reviews and takes action on ad hoc requests for minor physical or technological improvements to GUCs.

  3. Consults with various constituents regarding GUCs (for example, Facilities Operations custodial and maintenance staff, departmental staff, faculty, students and urban campus staff and faculty as appropriate). Consults with and reports to the Provost and Executive Vice President, President's Cabinet and/or Budget Council as needed.

Composition and Tenure:

  1. Capital Budget Director, Budget Office (Chair)(#)

  2. Provost and Executive Vice President's Office Designee

  3. Three teaching Faculty Members (F)

  4. Student (U)

  5. Budget/Policy Analyst-Capital

  6. Space Allocation Manager, Facilities Services

  7. Information Systems Manager-Integrated Media Services

  8. Registrar (or designee) and Scheduling Coordinator

  9. Director,

  10. Facilities Operations Liaison

  11. Summer Session Director

Responsible to: The Provost and Executive Vice President

Committee Membership:

Carlson, Deborah (#)
ChairCapital Budget Director, Budget Office

Cole, Craig
Director, Constuction Services

Hulst, Don
Director - Space Mgmnt, GIS Campus Mapping

Krikac, Robert (F)
College of Engineering and Architecture

Johnson, Carrie K (X)
Budget/Policy Analyst, Budget Office

Manwaring, John (X)
Information Systems Manager, Integrated Media Services

Maquivar, Martin (F)
College of Agriculture, Human & Natural Resources

Perkins, Ben (X)
Director Summer Session

Zimmerman, Matthew (X)
Interim Registrar

Wack, Mary (F)
Vice Provost Undergraduate Education

Westhoff, Guy (X)
Director IS, Enterprise Systems

Sanders, Jeff (F)
College of Arts & Sciences

Wing, Melissa (X)
Scheduling Coordinator

Frost, Jordan (U)


Updated 09/22/17

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