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Five Year Review of Previously  Faculty Senate Approved Centers, Institues and Laboratories

Archived  Faculty Senate Approved Centers, Institutes and Laboratories
(LIST AS OF 05.13.16)




(as of 9.29.2016 - 52)


Arboretum & Wildlife Conservation Center (2015)

Biomolecular X-Rays Crystallography Center (2003)

Center for Behavioral Business Research (2010)

Center for Digital Scholarship & Curation (2014)

Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (1997)

Center for Environmental Research, Education & Outreach (2006)

Center for Institutional Research Computing (2016)

Center for Interdisciplinary Statistical Education and Research (2016)

Center for Materials Research (1993)

Center for Non-Thermal Processing of Food (1997)

Center for Precision & Automated Agricultural Systems (2000)

Center for Reproductive Biology (1997)

Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources (2015)

Center for the Study of Animal Well-Being (1993)

Center for Transformational Learning & Leadership (2014)

Clean Plant Center Northwest (2015)

Energy Systems Innovation Center (2012)

Food & Environmental Quality Laboratory (2015)

Franceschi Electron Microscopy & Image Center (1977)

Freight Policy Transportation Institute (2015)

Health Science STEM Education Research Center (2015)

Hoops Institute of Taxation Research & Policy (2010)

IMPACT Center (1983)

Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (2016)

Institute of Biological Chemistry (1980)

Institute of Shock Physics (1997) – Formerly Center of Shock Physics 1992

Intensive American Language Center (1984)

International Business Institute (1997)

Laboratory for Atmospheric Research (1983)

Laboratory for Biotechnology & Bioanaylsis (2015)

Laboratory of Astrobiological Investigations & Space Mission Planning (2015)

Learning & Performance Research Center (2009)

Marriott Foundation Hospitality Teaching Center (2011)

Metropolitan Center for Applied Research & Extension (2015)

Monoclonal Antibody Service Center (1981)

Murrow Center for Media & Health Promotion (2010)

Nuclear Radiation Center (1977)

Pacific Northwest Center for  Mestizo & Indigenous Research & Outreach (2012)

Sleep & Performance Research Center (2008)

Smart Environments Research Center (2014)

Social & Economic Science Research Center (1970)

Sports Science Laboratory (2015)

Thomas S. Foley Institute for Public Policy & Service (2003)

Translational Addiction Research Center (2011)

University Center for Innovation & Value Creation (2015)

Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory (2015)

Washington Center for Muscle Biology (2011)

Washington State Institute for Criminal Justice (2010) – Formerly Institute for Community Oriented Policing 1994

Water Research Center (1965)

Western Center for Risk Management Education (2015)

Wildlife Habitat-Nutrition Laboratory (2015)



*Service defines loosely as providing opportunities, support and/or outreach (free a few with charges).
*Teaching defines loosely as in workshops, forums, seminars, extension 

* Research both basic and/or applied
* Some CILs had a research component at one time, but due to leadership change or other variables presently                 emphasize service and/or teaching.


updated 10.12.16


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