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Provost’s Budget Presentation

Provost Bernardo will be presenting a WSU systems budget presentation on December 13 from 3:30 to 5:00 pm in FSHN T101. This presentation will also be livestreamed at the address shown below. To request accommodations for the livestream, please contact Wendy Steele, Accessible Technology Manager, at To help ensure accommodations will be in place for the event, the request should be made at least 7 business days before the event.

link to slides


Dave Cillay, Vice President for Academic Outreach and Innovation and Sasi Pillay, Vice President for Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer met with senate leadership a few weeks ago seeking faculty input concerning the state of WSU’s Academic Videoconferencing capabilities.  Academic Videoconferencing includes all courses that are supported by Academic Media Services.  This draft report does not evaluate video components of online and/or Blackboard courses.  The draft report is linked below

WSU Videoconferencing:  Current State and Recommendations

Please note that while 358 faculty taught a distance course using WSU videoconference technology between fall 2016 and spring 2018, only 59 responded to a survey asking for input (see page 4, highlighted text).  It is our hope that faculty will use the comment tool to provide input on this study as it will be used to help shape resource allocation.

Why should you participate?  More and more units are relying on videoconferencing to extend courses to other campuses.  The number of such classrooms that support this technology, as well as room schedule availability, are becoming more important.  Your voice is important in assuring WSU has the resources and standards to meet this demand. If you have or plan on teaching a course using videoconference technology, please take a few minutes to read the attached document and provide comments.  » More …

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