This is regarding the recommendation to approve changes to the Faculty Manual V.C.1. Titles.
(1) We want to make sure we are interpreting this document correctly. Currently, non tenure-track faculty in SES hold titles such as clinical assistant professor, clinical associate professor, research assistant professor, and research associate professor. It appears that these titles will remain unchanged if the recommendations are approved. Is that a correct interpretation? Clinical assistant professor and clinical associate professor are under the clinical sub-track, while research assistant professor and research associate professor are under the research sub-tract. For a faculty member who’s primary responsibility is teaching, what is the distinction between the clinical sub-track and the instructor sub-track – is it the requirement of terminal degree? Similarly, for a faculty member who is primarily involved in securing grant funding, conducting research and outreach, what is the distinction between research sub-track and scholar sub-track?
(2) Is there a sub-track for highly-productive individuals who are PI on grants and publish regularly, but do not have a terminal degree? The sentence ‘Alternative credentials will be approved….’ is included in each sub-track. We want to have a clearer understanding of whether this allows a unit to designate such individuals faculty status and assign them a sub-track.